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Property Maintenance Series: Interior Maintenance & Unit Turns for Multifamily Housing

While the exterior features of your property are important, so are the interior! Your residents will spend most of their time in these spaces, whether in a common area or their unit. 

Not only is it important to maintain your interior, but it’s also important to have a streamlined and effective process for unit turns. While spring/summer are heavy leasing times, it’s always good to be prepared with supplies on deck.

Interior Maintenance Solutions 


Paint is a very important part of a room, the color can often make or break the overall feeling and brightness of the space. It’s important to also choose colors that your residents can easily design their spaces around, so we recommend neutrals. There are a few circumstances in which you might need to refresh your paint; one major one being turns. When residents move out it’s important that you either make it a standard to repaint and patch holes or closely examine the walls to see if they need repainting during your turn process.  

The OMNIA Partners contract with Sherwin-Williams offers everything from color and design services to training workshops that help grow your maintenance tech skill set. Everything from prep and painting to safety training & equipment use is available for purchase. Sherwin-Williams even offers customized training from your local Sherwin-Williams team. 


Flooring is probably one of the most used materials in your units. Your residents walk on it 24/7 and may even have pets. It’s normal to see some wear and tear but sometimes a resident may be harder on the flooring, and you need to totally replace it. It’s a good idea to have some extra flooring on site in case of a quick fix, but more importantly you need to have a supplier partner you can trust that is willing to assist you when you need to conduct a quick unit turn. 

Sherwin-Williams has you covered ceiling to floor. They have more than 120 full-service dedicated floor-covering centers and field reps to complement their paint capabilities. They offer a selection of complete lines and leading brands, such as Armstrong® and Congoleum®.  Sherwin-Williams is the largest wholesale floorcovering network in the U.S. Check out some of their samples here: 

Cabinets & Appliances 

While these may not be needed often, there are times when you may need to replace cabinets and appliances in your units. Maybe you are renovating a section of the property or maybe a resident just moved out and broke something. It’s important to have a partner you can trust to get you these supplies when you need them most! 

Supplier partner HD Supply has everything you need from appliances to cabinets to turn guides. HD Supply stocks products for every project, so unit turns and work orders are completed quickly. Their exclusive brands offer quality, value, and style. From small refreshes to full-scale remodels, their sales and renovation experts have you covered with product selection, scheduling, and budgeting. From installation to renovation, you can rely on their network of fully vetted contractors and expertise!   


While you probably don’t need furniture for unit turns, you may need to refurnish your leasing offices or common areas.  

Whether you need pool chairs or office chairs OPD Business Solutions Workspace Interiors has you covered! As a division of ODP Business Solutions, Workspace Interiors has the buying power of a multibillion-dollar company while providing rock-solid, long-term office workspace solutions and support for the project demands of their customers.  

Fire Protection/Alarms & Security 

Resident safety should always be top of mind. Regularly check your smoke alarm batteries and do regular fire drills to make sure everything is in working order. It is also important to ensure your staff know the plan if there is an emergency and make sure they know what their job is.  

If you find that you need updated safety or fire protection solutions, Cintas has what you need! Their team is equipped to keep your first aid kits stocked and ensure you are prepared in case of a fire. 


If your property has elevators, they probably get used quite a bit. It is crucial to keep up with the maintenance on them to ensure resident safety and satisfaction. This is especially important to residents that are moving in or out of a unit. Discuss with your supplier partner a cadence that is best for you to have regular inspections done to minimize any downtime of your elevators. 

OMNIA Partners supplier partner KONE offers elevator and other vertical transportation products as well as service and repair solutions. They are your dedicated partner offering a simplified process as well as exclusive rates through OMNIA Partners that allow you to remain in control of your purchasing process, giving you peace of mind that you are receiving high quality service. 


Focus on interior HVAC maintenance, including checking coils, filters, pilots, and motors to ensure seamless operation as residents switch between heating and cooling. Regular upkeep prevents downtime and guarantees optimal performance. Additionally, prioritize checking and maintaining all breakers, while also cleaning dryer vents to mitigate fire risks. Remind residents to change their air filters regularly for improved indoor air quality or have your maintenance team change them if you provide that service. 

**Are you aware of the new regulatory mandates surrounding HVAC/R refrigerants? These changes are geared toward a lower-GWP line of refrigerants. This new line of refrigerants has some unique principles that cause them to be mildly flammable, which creates issues that must be addressed by management and your maintenance staff. Supplier Partner HD Supply recommends reviewing their R410-A Refrigerant Phase Out Guide for tips and information. Communicate with your sales representative for more support during this transition.** 


This is an area you should check regularly to avoid flooding. You'll want to make sure there are no leaks in any of your residents’ or common area kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry spaces.    

As one of the nation’s largest waterworks companies, Ferguson puts your needs first as an OMNIA Partners member. With years of experience, they are a thought leader in the industry and are prepared to help with all your plumbing needs. 

A better way to buy. 

Partnering with a GPO like OMNIA Partners is a great way to streamline your interior maintenance solutions. With a vast portfolio of solutions, you can rest assured that our supplier partners can provide whatever you need. Our supplier partners are dedicated to supporting your property staff year round. 

Not sure where to get started? Contact us to take advantage of your FREE membership! 

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