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Property Maintenance Series: Enhancing Amenities & Offices with Group Purchasing Power

We have covered both external and in-unit maintenance, now it’s time to focus on your amenities and property management offices. It is important to maintain these shared spaces to ensure your residents remain happy and want to continue living at your properties! 



Residents desire an onsite pool as it offers a convenient and enjoyable way to relax, socialize, and stay active without leaving the comfort of their community. Pools provide a refreshing escape during hot summer months, allowing residents to cool off and unwind after a busy day. Beyond leisure, pools serve as focal points for social gatherings and community events, fostering a sense of camaraderie among neighbors. 

Pools are complex and need to be well maintained. 

  • Check pool equipment and ensure it's in good repair.   
  • Check any necessary flow rates per ordinance and make sure that pool equipment is in operating condition to meet any required flow rate criteria.   
  • Check your pool filter cleanliness and operation level.  
  • Is the filtration system taking out the unnecessary particles from your properties pool?  
  • Inspect pool deck and drain safety. 
  • Make sure that all main drain covers, pool deck safety equipment, and decking are in good repair. 
  • Make sure you have extra necessary pool equipment such as ropes in case something is broken or malfunctions on a crowded weekend. 
  • Ensure that you have enough of the necessary pool chemicals. 
  • Check chemical automation systems and be sure to store the chemicals in a locked and marked location.  

If you're in need of services to ensure your pool is in good shape, OMNIA Partners has several supplier partners that can help you make any necessary repairs or maintenance, such as: 

Leslie’s Pool Supplies can provide you with the proper services and solutions to get your pool in pristine condition. Their industry-leading technicians can take care of any repairs or installation of pool equipment that you may need at competitive prices. 

This upcoming pool season, reduce or even eliminate expensive outsourcing costs with smart options from HD Supply. They offer pool care and maintenance training classes that assist property maintenance managers in becoming Certified Pool Operators (CPO®) recognized by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF®). Properties also have access to the My Pool Testing™ tool. This easy-to-use tool allows properties to enter testing kit results and receive immediate product and dosage recommendations. For more products & tips, explore our latest Pool Guide, your ultimate resource for easy commercial pool care. 

Fitness Equipment 

In today's apartment living landscape, a well-equipped gym is essential for residents prioritizing an active lifestyle. Onsite gyms offer convenience and savings, eliminating the need for external memberships. Quality equipment enhances the living experience, attracting fitness enthusiasts and fostering community engagement. Outdoor workout equipment complements indoor facilities, providing residents with diverse exercise options in a vibrant, wellness-focused environment. 

For adults, outdoor fitness equipment brings the effectiveness of indoor gym equipment out into the fresh air. It is progressively challenging and purposefully resistant. This way, users of all fitness levels get a meaningful workout. If you need to refresh your outdoor gym, our supplier partner Kompan has you covered! Kompan offers fitness equipment that is designed to be inclusive so anyone and everyone can enjoy time outside.


An onsite playground at an apartment complex is a highly sought-after amenity for residents, especially those with young children or families. It provides a safe and accessible space for children to engage in outdoor play and physical activity, promoting their development and well-being. Parents value the convenience of having a playground within the community, allowing them to supervise their children easily while fostering a sense of community and social interaction among families.  

Supplier partner GameTime offers playground equipment with maximum play value with competitive pricing, easy installation, and the industry’s best warranty. GameTime will help you create community playgrounds that will keep families happy for decades. 

Property Management Office 

Office Supplies 

In the realm of property management, a well-equipped office is essential for ensuring smooth operations and efficient communication with residents. Office supplies are the backbone of day-to-day tasks, facilitating everything from paperwork processing to resident inquiries. A fully stocked breakroom not only provides a space for employees to recharge and refuel but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among team members. From coffee and snacks to office stationery and equipment, a thoughtfully curated breakroom enhances employee satisfaction and productivity. Investing in quality office supplies and breakroom essentials demonstrates a commitment to supporting staff members and maintaining a conducive work environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success of property management offices. 

OMNIA Partners and Staples have partnered together to ensure your property operations run smoothly. Offering everything from ink, paper and pens all the way to coffee, staples has you covered! Their account management team and category experts are there to help you select the products and services you need. 


Furniture in property management offices ensures functional workspaces for employees, promoting productivity and well-being. Ergonomic chairs and desks reduce fatigue, while stylish pieces create a professional atmosphere for visitors. From reception areas to conference rooms, well-selected furniture enhances aesthetics and supports efficient workflow. 

If you are in the process of remodeling your office, building a new property or just need some new furniture, supplier partner ODP Business Solutions Workspace Interiors has the solutions you need. ODP Business Solutions Workspace Interiors is a full-service furniture dealer that can meet all your needs – from concept to completion. 

Uniforms & Branded Items 

Uniforms or branded apparel for property staff serve multiple purposes in enhancing professionalism, promoting brand identity, and fostering a sense of unity among team members. They create a consistent and polished appearance, instilling confidence in residents and visitors regarding the quality of service provided. Additionally, uniforms can improve security by easily identifying authorized personnel on-site. By wearing branded apparel, staff members become walking advertisements, further reinforcing the property's brand image within the community. 

Depending on your needs, we have several supplier partners that can help you.  

If you need uniform rentals, Cintas has a uniform rental program, that ensures your employees are always ready™ to impress. 

If you are looking for custom clothing or promotional products, our partner AMP&M is a full service, creative provider of corporately branded merchandise and apparel for marketing outreach, incentives, and recognition.  


Property management offices often rely on travel services to facilitate essential tasks like attending conferences, conducting property inspections, or meeting with stakeholders. These services streamline travel arrangements, allowing staff to fulfill their duties efficiently while minimizing disruptions. Moreover, access to travel services enables teams to explore new opportunities, network with industry peers, and stay updated on trends. Ultimately, leveraging these services enhances office efficiency and professionalism, benefiting both the management team and residents. 

Supplier Partner Enterprise Holdings, the world's leading car rental provider, delivers comprehensive transportation solutions. Catering to business travelers, it boasts two renowned car rental brands—Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. These globally recognized brands ensure seamless and efficient travel with their extensive network of rental locations worldwide.  

IT/Telecom Services 

Effective property management relies on essential IT and telecom services to ensure smooth operations and communication. These include reliable internet connectivity, secure networks, efficient phone systems, and cloud-based solutions. Quality IT support ensures up-to-date technology infrastructure, enhancing productivity and tenant satisfaction. 

We have several supplier partners that can assist you with your IT and Telecom services, check them out here. 

Human Resources 

HR services are the backbone of property management, ensuring employees receive comprehensive support and resources to deliver outstanding service. From recruitment to performance management, HR oversees every aspect of the employee journey, crucial for maintaining a cohesive and efficient workforce. 

Supplier partner Sterling, a renowned authority in background and identity verification services, offers a comprehensive platform ensuring trust and security across various sectors and geographical boundaries. Our customizable background screening, drug testing, and monitoring solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique requirements, promising a more efficient, expedited, and secure hiring process. 

A better way to buy. 

Prioritizing amenities and optimizing the property management office are both essential for delivering exceptional resident experiences and maintaining operational efficiency. From well-equipped gyms and outdoor spaces to necessary office supplies and HR services, every aspect plays a vital role in enhancing tenant satisfaction and employee productivity. Partnering with a group purchasing organization (GPO) like OMNIA Partners provides access to a diverse portfolio of solutions, streamlining the purchasing process and unlocking cost-saving opportunities. By leveraging this partnership, property managers can focus more effectively on providing top-notch amenities and services, ultimately driving long-term success and tenant retention in the competitive real estate market. 

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