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Procuring Disaster Recovery Solutions with Ease

Are you worrying more about the present than the future? Is your to-do list getting longer each day? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, you're probably thinking that it's more productive to handle immediate, more pressing needs instead of sitting down to map out plans for events that may not even occur. But how would you respond if a catastrophe struck your organization without warning?

To ensure that your organization is ready to face disasters, you must focus on the three p’s: plan, prepare, and practice. Work with stakeholders to create a comprehensive plan, gather essential disaster recovery solutions, and practice your plan regularly to make any needed changes.

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1. Planning for a Disaster

To plan for disasters, your organization needs formal policy and procedural documentation to guide its disaster response. Since many types of disasters can occur, it's important to review your current preparedness documents now to identify any needed improvements.

If you don't have such documents or they seem inadequate, creating a formal emergency operations plan (EOP) is a good first step. Consider utilizing planning guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to get started with your EOP today.

2. Preparing for a Disaster

Your organization’s ability to recover from a disaster tomorrow directly correlates with the preparation you do today. To get ready for disasters, first figure out what products and services your organization needs. Once you identify potential preparation materials and recovery/cleanup materials, contact your suppliers ahead of time and tell them what disaster response supplies you require. In addition, consider establishing disaster response performance expectations with your suppliers at pre-negotiated rates.

3. Practicing for a Disaster

The safety of individuals and communities affected by your organization should be your top priority. Practicing your EOP is essential to make sure your disaster response methods work and will protect those around you. Testing your plan helps reinforce the plan’s content, evaluate processes and team skills, ensure compliance with regulations, and promote awareness of the emergency management program. Practicing for disasters is also a great way to train personnel on their roles.

Cooperative and Group Purchasing as Your Catalyst for Successful Disaster Preparation

Preparing for disasters, and even recovering from disasters, is impossible without ensuring access to the right resources and solutions. Even if you have a set of trusted suppliers, partnering with suppliers who can best meet your organization’s needs and maintaining relationships with those suppliers can be a lengthy and exhausting process.

When you work with suppliers through a partnership with a cooperative purchasing or group purchasing organization, individuals at those organizations can also serve as an extra set of eyes on your plan. Cooperative and group purchasing also ensures greater access to necessary disaster supplies and industry experts who can help with practice exercises.

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OMNIA Partners as Your Ally in Procurement

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OMNIA Partners makes it simple to find and buy disaster preparedness products and services at great prices. Partner with OMNIA Partners today to save precious time and money and ensure the safety of your employees, community, property, and the overall mission of your organization.

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