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Unlock Your Data Possibilities for The GenAI Era


Generative AI is the Present and the Future.

The productivity value of Generative Artificial Intelligence, or GenAI, is estimated to be $1.75 trillion annually across national, state and local governments. The government market for GenAI applications is projected to grow at more than 50 percent per year. With growing access to GenAI tools in existing products their agencies already own (such as CoPilot with Microsoft 365 and Google Gemini in Google Workspace) government employees are fully embracing the GenAI era.

But, GenAI is only as good as the digitization that helps your organization build their data foundation.  

Unimaginable amounts of valuable government data is stored in record boxes or in flat scanned files. These formats cannot be easily accessed by GenAI, but instead requires data to be unlocked and structured in a standardized and digitized format that GenAI tools can then read. Proper digitization builds a structured data foundation that is crucial in realizing the full operational value of GenAI for government employees and the people that they serve every day.


Iron Mountain AI ImageGenAI to Empower Government Employees

The stigma that GenAI is replacing human jobs is simply not true – GenAI is helping government employees do their jobs in a more timely manner, with more extensive information offerings. Moderate changes are needed to enhance employee's workplace digital tools and technologies. GenAI can drive those changes by making better use of your time within your work day. GenAI automates the mundane tasks that employees often wish to avoid, delivering faster access to a data foundation that leads them to better decision making. It's critical to take a look into the future and recognize that this tool will only help employees get back to focusing on the strategic work that brought them into public service in the first place. 

Through Carnegie Mellon University, we are witnessing policy analysts increasingly adopt GenAI tools. A group of graduate students from Carnegie Mellon developed a new app, "GovScan," in order to help policy analysts find key data points in government reports, cutting down the very long process to a matter of seconds. Public servants regularly comb through PDF reports and other large documents, sometimes up to three or four hours, for relevant information needed for projects like policy and funding proposals. GovScan improves the usability of government reports by allowing workers to efficiently search information across lots of different documents. It's time to start streamlining processes and eliminating manual errors; GenAI is made to help governments achieve major cost savings and reallocate resources to critical areas. Data foundation is key. If these reports aren't first transformed into digital, structured formats, GovScan wouldn't be able to operate.


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GenAI to Drive Predictive, Personalized Citizen Experience

Hard Business Review recently reported that 60 percent of U.S. residents report a strong preference for digital communication in government interactions, opposed to phone and in-person communication. If digital channels represent phase one of the Citizen Experience revolution, GenAI is ushering in phase two. There are many benefits that emerge from utilizing GenAI in government including enhanced cost savings, improved decision making and risk management, enhanced innovation and more. When government agencies proactively deliver information and services based on each person's unique situation, like sending a text reminder to renew a license, they achieve all of the benefits listed above with GenAI. Instead of hunting down information that government employees are in need of, this tool guides them to navigate all complex interactions that come their way. 

GenAI uses generative models to make brand new content and solve all of your difficult problems within the government procurement world. Iron Mountain's digitization helps an organization to build their data foundation to feed a generative AI service platform and make sure those problems get solved as efficient as possible. The chatbot feature with generative responses can address unanticipated questions, tailor replies to be more user-friendly, and prompt people to instant message as if talking to a real person.

Technology continues to advance every day, especially in the government industry. Tools like generative artificial intelligence change how governments buy things and services, offering a huge opportunity for growth. To get there, agencies need to start building their data foundation now and unlocking the right data to feed these transformational GenAI models. 


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