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Unlock Cost Savings with Ramp

Available through the OMNIA Partners contract, Ramp helps companies save even more time and money. With Ramp Procurement, finance teams can now access new integrations with providers like Ironclad to accelerate contract review, dynamic intake forms to capture every purchase request in one place, purchase order (PO) syncing for top ERPs to save accounting time, Seat Intelligence to show companies when they’re paying for licenses that aren’t being used, and so much more. 

Legacy finance tools can’t help finance teams manage purchasing, card issuing, and AP in one place, which is why businesses are increasingly choosing Ramp to manage all operations. Ramp now powers over $10 billion per year in accounts payable volume, and Ramp Procurement is one of many ways companies are becoming more productive in 2024.

Ramp Procurement

Powerful Procurement Software That Your Employees Will Love

Ramp Procurement helps you capture unmanaged spend with intuitive workflows that make it easy for employees to follow your policies, keep everyone coordinated, and enable earlier spend visibility. Here’s how Ramp has redesigned business purchasing from the ground up: 

Capture every request in one place

Employees often fail to comply with processes because they simply don’t remember where to start. Reduce their cognitive load and give them one place to go for all spend requests, from T&E, reimbursements, and now procurement requests. Ramp’s dynamic request forms let you capture every purchase request and specify what information needs to be collected based on the request type. 

“Our employees are thankful for this new process. They don’t have to go dig up who the right approvers are or follow up with those approvers—all that is set by Ramp. We’ve empowered people with a great process that’s easy to follow.” - Chad Nichols, Controller, Ultra Clean Express

Accelerate approvals

No more disconnected forms, emails, and spreadsheets that tie up approvals. Use customizable approval workflows in Ramp to loop in the right teams automatically and let stakeholders approve or deny directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Know the exact status of your procurement requests at all times with a centralized tracking dashboard.  

Legal will thank you for the bi-directional integration with Ironclad that triggers a contract review when requests are created, eliminating the need for a separate legal workflow. Store executed contracts and documents from completed Ironclad workflows with their approved requests and vendor in Ramp. 

Accelerate Approvals

Prevent overspending with Ramp’s Seat Intelligence, which gives budget owners insights into actual usage of the software they purchased so they can cut costs by removing inactive seats. Early access now available for Okta users. 

Seat Intelligence

Easily collaborate with stakeholders 

Ditch the confusing email threads. Procurement comments are centralized in Ramp so approvers added mid-stream can see prior discussion and immediately get up to speed without employees resharing context or documents. An activity feed keeps a record of approvals and changes made, making your procurement process audit-proof. 

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Get full visibility into committed spend

Automatically generate POs to get a clear line of sight into upcoming invoices. POs dynamically update as invoices are matched and paid, so you always know how much ‌remains on contracts. Matched invoices get auto-coded, and POs sync directly to top ERPs like NetSuite and QuickBooks to save time on data entry. 

Full Visibility into Committed Spend

Finance teams do their best work when they can manage all finance operations through a consolidated platform. Ramp gives you the flexibility to issue a one-time virtual card instead of a PO for straightforward requests like T&E budget. The Vendor dashboard speeds up analysis by tracking every vendor that has ever been paid through Ramp cards and AP (even those that didn’t go through formal intake). 

Get the earliest control and visibility with Ramp

Help your employees do their best work this year—start by making efficient and intuitive procurement the norm for your company. Use Ramp Procurement to give employees a simple way to buy what they need while allowing finance teams to stay in control of all spending. 

Ramp Procurement is available to OMNIA Partners members today.

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About Ramp & OMNIA Partners

Ramp provides OMNIA Partners members with a finance automation platform that consolidates your non-payroll expenses into one platform, including corporate cards, expense management, bill, and pay. Through the purchasing power of OMNIA Partners, members have access to exclusive savings, enabling them to optimize their spending and streamline their financial processes with ease. Contact us for more information!