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Top Challenges for Nonprofits in 2023

Each new year comes with a lot of excitement for a fresh start, but also a lot of stress for the unknown. As a nonprofit organization, you don’t know what the year holds, but you do know what you want to accomplish—helping as many people as possible! Although there will be obstacles within the market, we want to support you in your mission.

We have landed on 4 major trends we feel will affect nonprofits throughout the year, plus we share how to navigate them successfully by utilizing a cooperative purchasing organization. 


This is something we all see every day, even groceries are climbing in price. What does this mean for your organization? Well, this means it will be more expensive to operate your nonprofit which can take away from your overall mission. Keeping operational costs low ensures you can give back as much as possible. 

Leveraging the contracted pricing of a cooperative can help you combat inflation. While we can’t solve an economy-wide issue, we offer a portfolio of competitively solicited and publicly awarded contracts that can bring immense value to your organization and help you keep operational costs low. 

Staffing and Volunteer Retention

As a nonprofit organization, you need your staff and volunteers to be hands on and active most of the time. With the current remote work trends, you may be finding it difficult to be fully staffed. This puts you at risk of overworking the employees you do have. Make sure you are encouraging rest and making your employees and volunteers feel valued.  

Cooperative supplier partner UKG provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-own workforce management that helps you manage costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve interactions with your members and community. They want to help you hire, retain and engage with a quality workforce so you can focus on your mission. 

Technology Issues & Advancements

Technology is always changing and typically nonprofits don’t have the budget to constantly upgrade. In order to give back as much as you can to your mission, you have to sacrifice things and sometimes that may mean you don’t have the latest and greatest web design or printers. THAT IS OKAY! We just encourage you to monitor changing software and don’t let yours get too out of date that the functionality suffers.  

Insight Public Sector, in partnership with OMNIA Partners, provides members with technology, implementation skills and management expertise to help your nonprofit stay up to date with the necessary products and solutions. You gain access to 250,000+ IT hardware and software products through their available agreement.  

Donation Strategy

Donors are what makes the world go around in the nonprofit industry. Without their generosity, you would not be able to give back to the community and fulfil your mission. As inflation soars and everything becomes more expensive, that leaves less for donations. This year you may have to get creative and create a more robust fundraising strategy. For the major donors you do have, make sure they feel valued and know where their donations are going. 

Since the pandemic you may have lost some of those recurring givers you knew you could count on due to personal, financial or other reasons. Utilizing marketing and communications, this year is a great time to reach back out to them and get them back on board. Make them feel comfortable by being transparent on how their donations will be put to good use. 

Cooperative Purchasing Strategy

Let us help you while you help others by supporting your purchasing strategy. We have a dedicated team of procurement professionals dedicated to assisting nonprofits procure the goods and services they need at the best value. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!