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The Measurable Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Childcare

2024.03  Lakeshore Learning  The Measurable Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Childcare Blog Featured Image“On-site child care has been a critical factor in my success at Lakeshore,” says Selina Duran. She’s a Lakeshore employee with a daughter who attends Kids & Company, the child development center at our headquarters. Selina goes on to say, “I can be fully present at work because I know my daughter is only 50 steps away from me, at one of the best day cares in Los Angeles. If she has difficulty with teething or a new medication, I can easily check on her in person rather than by phone. That sense of assurance allows me to give 110% of my focus to my team and my job!”

Selina’s experience is just one example of how employees benefit from employer-sponsored child care. Centers like Kids & Company offer employees peace of mind and convenience, which lead to greater productivity. And improved worker satisfaction and efficiency mean real, measurable benefits for employers. By offering on-site child care, employers gain a competitive advantage in acquiring and retaining talent—while saving money.


30 years ago, we opened Kids & Company because, as makers of learning materials, we understood the importance of a quality early childhood education. Believing that child care shouldn’t be a barrier to employment, we chose to offer it at an affordable price—providing opportunities to increase families’ incomes.

Since then, Kids & Company has given hundreds of Lakeshore employees the comfort of knowing their children are getting top-quality care, right in the same building. Dedicated teachers help kids from infancy through age five meet important developmental milestones. Also, as a certified Nature Explore® Classroom, Kids & Company offers children exciting outdoor learning opportunities.

Additionally, Kids & Company eliminates many child care-related challenges for Lakeshore team members. Because it’s located inside our headquarters, drop-off and pickup are easy. Plus, employees are close to their children and can visit them anytime throughout the workday.

How do these benefits for the employee translate to benefits for the employer?


Today, employers are confronting a workforce shortage, with workers (especially millennials) attracted to jobs that offer flexibility and support work/family balance. That’s why employer-sponsored child care is a more vital recruitment tool than ever, lightening the scheduling and logistical burdens associated with child care and offering the work/family balance that’s critical to attracting candidates.

What about retaining employees? On-site child care brings peace of mind, improved overall health and more positive feelings about employers. In fact, studies have shown that employer-sponsored child care can reduce employee absences by as much as 30% and turnover by as much as 60%.

The advantages of on-site child care are measurable in dollars, not just in acquisition and retention numbers. A Gallup article on the high price of turnover for employers notes that “the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary.” According to a ReadyNation report, insufficient child care negatively affects American employers’ revenue, earnings and productivity—costing them a total of $122 billion each year.

Given these figures, it’s clear that on-site child care is not only effective for drawing and supporting talent—but it also comes with considerable financial benefits.


Planning to open an on-site child care center? Lakeshore Learning and OMNIA Partners can help bring your project to life! Lakeshore's education experts have decades of experience in creating engaging, developmentally appropriate spaces that promote children’s growth and meet all standards and requirements. Here are just a few examples of what we offer:

  • Planning and designing indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Furniture and materials for learning areas that support a range of ages and developmental needs
  • Delivery and setup

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