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The ABC's of a GPO

You learned your ABC’s a long time ago, but have you ever thought about how they relate to procurement and group purchasing organizations (GPOs)? Procuring goods and services has evolved quite a bit with the help of GPOs. Let’s do a quick lesson together about the ways a GPO helps procurement professionals succeed with a little help from the alphabet! Click the image to download your copy of our ABC's!

Aggregating: GPOs like OMNIA Partners love nothing more than forming relationships with our suppliers and members, establishing an environment where member organizations can benefit from increased purchasing power to save time and money.

Benefits: Savings aren’t all OMNIA Partners provides, though. We offer a wide range of benefits! These can include operational efficiency, simplified processes, access to a wide portfolio of suppliers, and negotiated terms that suit your unique needs!  

Comprehensive: GPOs understand that different sectors, industries, and businesses will require different procurement solutions. That is why OMNIA Partners offers solutions for every need. The scope of our supplier portfolio covers multiple industries, our membership assists with every aspect of procurement, and our collective buying power is unparalleled in the industry! 

Data: It is no secret that everything is based on data these days, so why should the purchase of goods and services be any different? OMNIA Partners provides analytics that highlight savings opportunities for your business and ways to optimize the spending you are already doing. 

Efficiency: Streamlining the procurement process is one of the most important things a good group purchasing organization does. Best done through a combination of strategic sourcing, simplified processes, and easy-to-use technology, improved efficiency should be one of the main outcomes you look for when picking your procurement company.  

Financial Gain: You are not just becoming a member of a GPO for fun; you want to save (and make) money! By negotiating contracts for our members, GPOs ensure beneficial terms and discounts that provide your company with the opportunity to spend less while earning more. 

Guidance: Becoming a member of a GPO is not just about saving money. We are here to guide you and your team to become as successful as possible! We cannot speak for all group purchasing organizations, but here at OMNIA Partners you have access to our subject-matter experts. These industry leaders are here to make sure you are making the most informed decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes.  

Hassle-Free: Simplifying your procurement process means less hassle. Whether it’s through our extensive portfolio of suppliers, our leading national contracts, OPUS (our e-commerce technology platform for public sector), spend visibility, or subject matter experts, OMNIA Partners strives to be the GPO that makes procurement professionals lives’ as stress-free as possible! 

Innovative Solutions: Innovation is integral to GPO strategies. As we mentioned above, OPUS is just one of the ways we put innovation into practice. It offers our public sector members a single experience for their procurement needs. You can purchase from multiple suppliers with one login, all while receiving real-time product pricing and availability! 

Just in time: A good procurement company knows that supply chain issues will arise. That’s why we work with suppliers that are dedicated to finding solutions for situations that may or may not happen! Our subject matter experts also work with members to provide education on risk management strategies. 

Knowledge: Knowledge matters. Your GPO should be an educational hub, offering members the expertise needed to make well-informed procurement decisions. Through articles, white papers, webinars, and access to our team of experts, you can rest assured that if you have a question about the procurement process, we will provide an answer! 

Legal Compliance: There is only one thing that takes precedence over member satisfaction, and that’s compliance. Any worthwhile group purchasing organization partner should work with you to manage the full term of your contract, meaning throughout the life of your agreement the GPO should be able to provide visibility of contractual obligations being met and monitor performance. The OMNIA Partners team constantly works on assessing and improving agreements and provides these valuable insights for better contract compliance. 

Maximizing Relationships: Effective supplier management is paramount to GPO success. GPOs enhance the value proposition of vendors for their members, developing relationships that go beyond transactions to form partnerships that provide strategic and successful outcomes. 

Negotiation: It is your GPO’s job to make sure that your contracts are secured in your favor. We negotiate on your behalf to provide you with options that meet your cost savings needs. 

Optimal Operations: Operational optimization is a huge focus for procurement companies. By refining and optimizing procurement operations, GPOs support their members in building operational efficiencies, which maximizes the impact of their group purchasing initiatives. 

Procurement Excellence: Simply put, this means GPOs operate with best practices and work to improve upon those continuously. Through member feedback, testimonials, research, industry insights and analytical benchmarks, OMNIA Partners members know that they will have access to the best of the best.  

Quality Assurance: GPO operations are rooted in quality assurance. The protocols followed ensure that the products and services our members are procuring are not only cost-effective but meet the standards necessary for our members to feel confident! 

Relationships: A great group purchasing organization prioritizes relationships with both suppliers and members. This ensures that members have a network of supplier partners supporting them while keeping open communication and trust amongst all parties. 

Suppliers: Speaking of supplier partners, your GPO should offer options. Here at OMNIA Partners, we pride ourselves on a diverse supplier portfolio. Not only does this provide our members with a wider range of possibilities for their procurement needs, but it contributes to sustainability and inclusivity efforts. 

Technology: To succeed in the procurement world, a GPO must stay at the forefront of technology. This can include offerings like OPUS, as well as ways to provide better analytical reports and industry insights. This also includes the technological offerings our suppliers have for different industries. 

Unified: Your selected procurement partner should have a comprehensive understanding of your spending to enhance your procurement strategies. At OMNIA Partners, we are your ally from the very beginning, offering spend visibility tools to discover savings opportunities and build a unified approach in optimizing your spend. 

Value: Solutions based on value matter to GPOs. When the focus is on delivering tangible value to members, GPOs can not only provide cost savings, but strategic solutions that contribute to the growth of your business. 

Workflow: At OMNIA Partners (and other GPOs), we have different techniques that reduce cycle times and enhance the overall efficiency of member workflows. This allows for a seamless procurement process! 

Xenial Experiences: Yes, we said xenial! This word, meaning hospitable and friendly, is something that defines the experience you will have with a GPO! OMNIA Partners feels comfortable speaking for all group purchasing organizations when we say both our members and suppliers should feel welcomed, supported, and valued, every step of the way!  

Yielding Opportunities: Yielding opportunities for our members matters. It may mean finding more environmentally friendly sourcing for a company focused on sustainability. For another member it may mean opening doors to new relationships that foster growth, but no matter what, your GPO is there to provide you with new and better opportunities! 

Zeal for Excellence: OMNIA Partners has an enthusiastic commitment to success, for our members, suppliers, and our team. We want everyone involved to know and feel our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence in every conversation and contract. 

There you have it, the ABC’s of a GPO, with a little OMNIA Partners flair sprinkled in! While we meant this blog to be fun, we also hope it was educational. The truth is, the GPO you choose will likely have a profound impact on your success. Making sure you’re choosing one that focuses on organizational efficiency, growth, and strategic decision-making can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Here at OMNIA Partners, we make the procurement process simple, from start to finish. Let’s talk about how we can do that for you! 

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