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Spring Maintenance: Get Your Properties in Shape!

The weather is warming up, and flowers are blooming! This means it’s time for you to clean up the exterior parts of your property and make sure all outdoor equipment is well-maintained. This laundry list of things to check includes everything from landscaping to gutters and downspouts.  

We want to help you make sure you’re ready for residents to enjoy the outdoor areas of your properties. Our experienced group purchasing team has put together a checklist to make sure your properties are in good working order for spring. 

Keep reading to ensure you know what needs to be done in your communities. 

Spring Maintenance Categories

Exterior Building Features

Take a walk around your properties. Do you see any cracks in the siding or brick? Is there any chipped paint? Are your street and outdoor lights working? These are the main things you want to maintain to make sure residents are safe and that your buildings are being taken care of cosmetically.  

Doors & Windows

While you are maintaining your properties, this is a great time to inspect door hinges, latches, and locks. Make sure they aren't rusty or no longer functioning properly. 

Gutters & Downspouts

This is an extremely important step because it’s likely you have clogged gutters from all the leaves that fell during the last few seasons. It’s also a great time to repair or replace any damaged gutters before spring showers begin.  


Although this may be something you check regularly while you’re inspecting other areas of your properties, this is a good time to do a look over your plumbing. You'll want to make sure there are no leaks in any of your residents’ or common area kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry spaces. 

HVAC & Electrical

While this type of maintenance can be done at any point, it’s especially important to check your units' coils, filters, pilots, and motors during spring maintenance because residents will most likely be switching between heat and air functions. You'll want to make sure everything is working properly so there’s no downtime when the spring and summer heat arrives.  

In addition to HVAC units, you'll also want to make sure all breakers are operational and well maintained, as well as residents’ stoves—including the burners, ovens, and vents. This is also a great time to clean out dryer vents to prevent fires. 

Fire Safety

Even though fires are a threat all year long, with residents starting to grill or roast smores, it’s essential that you check all fire equipment to make sure they’re working properly. Also, be sure to test the batteries and check your extinguishers. 


Imagine you are giving a tour, it is warm outside, the sun is shining, and then BAM, your potential resident, sees dead flowers and bushes. Thats not exactly going to help you sell them on your property. Make sure you prune branches away from sidewalks and roofs, trim hedges and refresh your flowerbeds. Having seamless landscaping is eye-catching and something residents care about when choosing a home. 

Pest Control & Prevention

As the warmer weather arrives, so do different types of insects and rodents. It is in your best interest to have an agreement with a pest control company that will regularly treat your properties, but if that is not attainable, have someone come out and check for termites and other infestations and take preventative measures to prevent any further issues. 

Common-Use Areas & Items

Test all of your coin-operated machinery to make sure they’re all in working order for residents. Clean and refresh your seating and social areas, and make sure the furniture isn’t damaged or dirty. Another important element in this category is the pool. Your properties’ pool and pool decks are high-traffic areas for the spring and summer months, so this is the best time to evaluate them and make any necessary updates or repairs.  

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Spring Maintenance Support

If you aren't sure where to start, contact us to speak with an expert that can teach you the benefits of group purchasing while helping you find industry-leading solutions for less. 

Already a member? Contact your Regional Director to start the process of finding the solutions you need to get your properties in shape.