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Simplified Buying Process for Faith-Based Organizations and Churches

As a faith-based organization, we know you are working hard to help others. Helping others takes a lot of time and money that you depend on volunteers and donors to provide. Whether you are working with a lean staff or you have every role covered, budgets are always tight and you don’t want to leave any money on the table.  

Simplified Buying Process for Faith-Based Organizations and Churches

Did you know as a nonprofit you have the ability to utilize cooperative contracts? Cooperative purchasing organizations utilize the lead agency contracting process in order to provide a portfolio of competitively solicited and publicly awarded solutions to organizations nationwide. 

 What does that mean for you? All of the agreements in our portfolio are compliant and ready to be utilized today. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that industry best practices, processes and procedures have been applied. In other words, let us do the heavy lifting for you to save on everyday purchases and big projects. 

Follow along as we outline the major benefits cooperative purchasing brings to your faith-based nonprofit organization.  

Time and Cost Savings

Your funds are based off of donations and grants, which can be unpredictable at times. You have both administrative costs as well as costs associated with your mission to juggle. Utilizing cooperative contracts ensures you and your team are getting the best value while also seeing savings overall. You'll spend less time selecting suppliers and agreements by being able to consult with our team to find you the right solution within our ready to use portfolio 

Streamlined and Compliant Process

The lead agency process that we follow means the contracts in our portfolio have already been solicited and awarded as well as compliant and available as soon as you need them. Our suppliers are industry leading and offer the best value to our members.  

Even if you do not have a dedicated purchasing team, allowing your cooperative to do the heavy lifting streamlines your purchasing process and gives you back time to spend focusing on your mission.  

Increased Buying Power

In the world of procurement, larger corporations have greater buying power that allows them to choose from a wider array of solutions and suppliers. Most nonprofits don’t have this same level of buying power due to size. Becoming a member of a cooperative allows you to leverage their collective buying power, which in the end can bring you a wider array of solutions and savings. 

Extension of Your Team

Partnering with a cooperative gives you access to their knowledgeable team. At OMNIA Partners we have a dedicated nonprofit team that understands your struggles and is there to offer advice and help guide you to finding the right solution. We have subject matter experts for our main categories that can serve as consultants along the way to discuss how to best support your organization. 

Cooperative Purchasing Strategy

You might be asking yourself, “what can I do with all of this information?” 

Churches and faith-based organizations support a myriad of services and events. From hosting weekly worship services to teaching kids in day school or mother's day out programs, you need a lot of products and solutions. Supporting all of these different areas can be challenging when you don’t have a purchasing professional on your staff. 

As a cooperative, we can help you make smart purchasing decisions and give you access to the products and solutions you need, all in one place. Our contract portfolio houses everything from furniture to pencils to cleaning supplies to make sure you aren't breaking the bank on operational costs