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Purchasing to Support Safe & Efficient Properties

Having proper safety measures in place for your residents and properties is a critical component of not only preventing injury but also attracting and retaining great residents. There’s an increasing number of demands that must be met in the health and safety realm, giving multifamily housing owners and operators a heightened awareness in anticipating and solving community issues.

Community managers and maintenance directors are joining forces to identify solutions and facilitate their implementation to reduce any risks for their residents. Multifamily housing purchasing leaders can serve their facilities stakeholders and end users by assisting their organization in creating safer environments, which is especially crucial at a time when your crews are stretched and performing more jobs due to the national talent shortage.  

There’s a strategic step to properly equip your teams, keep operations running safely and smoothly, and increase occupancy. Multifamily housing owners, operators, and procurement teams can use the power of a group purchasing organization (GPO) to determine the best route for solutions and connect with industry-leading supplier partners for rapid deployment of facility products and services.

Multifamily housing teams, let’s explore how a GPO can help you protect your communities’ residents and staff to prevent health and safety issues and costly downtime at your properties.  

Maximize Efficiency with Your Safety Strategy

To put secure and effective practices in place, maintenance directors and property managers know preparedness plans are vital to minimizing the damage and disruption that health and safety emergencies can cause communities. It can be overwhelming for purchasing teams to manage the diverse needs of several properties while managing other priorities on the to-do list.  

This is where the GPO subject matter experts step in to help manage your complex or undermanaged spend categories and identify cost or resource savings opportunities. The GPO connects you to national suppliers with the best service levels possible. Multifamily housing owners and operators typically have fewer resources to deliver on procurement optimization. While you manage a lengthy list of other responsibilities, group purchasing can fill any procurement gaps and keep operations running efficiently.  

Immediate Access to Critical Facilities Solutions

As a leader in procurement, you’re familiar with the complicated process involved in end-to-end facility management. Your team can gain better control of the facilities and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) processes through the GPO by gaining immediate access to group purchasing agreements in facilities management solutions, including flooring, roofing, MRO, renovation, painting supplies, cleaning and sanitation, fire protection, waste management, pest control, parking lot services, pool equipment, plumbing fixtures and more. Along with increasing savings and productivity through group purchasing, you can satisfy stakeholder goals and provide quality supplies to your operations staff and residents.  

  • While you work to improve the experience of your residents and protect their health and safety, OMNIA Partners supplier HD Supply can manage property improvement projects while you focus on residents. HD Supply can take care of responding to urgent needs with expert HVAC and water heater installation, manage renovations and can help reduce your utility costs with energy- and water-saving products. 
  • Looking for guidance on the latest, most relevant products, services and solutions to help keep your properties safe and running smoothly? Leveraging Grainger GPO contracts can reduce your operational expenses by 25 percent while helping you sustain results and continuous improvement to your communities and overall organization.
  • Your facilities directors expect the highest standards of performance from vendors and supplier partner KBS can help you stay ahead of the curve by driving process efficiency, adopting innovative technology and automation and operating at scale. To help protect your residents, KBS offers top-quality janitorial services along with landscaping, snow/ice management, parking lot maintenance and porter services. Through their national network of facilities repair technicians, they provide cost-effective maintenance and repair solutions that are both predictive and responsive.  
  • Safety training at your facilities is a key component of maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Cintas has a variety of safety training programs on-site or online, along with world-class cleaning products, janitorial suppliers, fire safety and first aid solutions.

The suppliers above are just a few of the leading facilities and MRO businesses that GPO members can connect with to deploy world-class solutions for your organization’s diverse and evolving needs. 

Property Management with a GPO

Multifamily housing procurement leaders can incorporate group purchasing into their strategy for spend management along with additional guidance and analysis valuable in building a culture of safety at your properties. Through the partnership, you can drive efficiency and visibility across your communities and supply chain.  

OMNIA Partners works collaboratively with our suppliers to identify continuous process improvements, provide innovation through best practices and technology tools and create a fully streamlined and cost-effective procurement experience. Thousands of businesses across the nation are teamed up with OMNIA Partners to achieve their spend management needs.