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Protect Your Fleet Vehicles from Summer Heat

As summer temperatures soar to record highs across the country, it's crucial for fleet managers to protect their vehicles from the adverse effects of extreme heat. The scorching sun can take a toll on car batteries, leading to issues like sulfation and corrosion. Batteries Plus, through their OMNIA Partners agreement, can help you prevent costly fleet downtime with our selection of full sealed AGM vehicle batteries. Here is a closer look at what you can do to keep your fleet running smoothly even in the hottest weather.

Understanding the Impact of Heat on Car Batteries

High temperatures can be detrimental to lead acid batteries in two significant ways:

  1. Sulfation: Excessive heat can cause the electrolyte fluid in a battery to evaporate, leading to sulfation on the battery plates. This reduces the battery's capacity over time, eventually leading to its complete failure.

  2. Corrosion: Lead acid batteries may occasionally vent sulfuric acid vapor and hydrogen gas, which, in combination with the heat under the vehicle's hood, can corrode the battery terminals. Corrosion disrupts the flow of power and accelerates premature battery deterioration.

What Is the Cost of Vehicle Fleet Downtime?

Fleet downtime can be financially burdensome for any business. Besides the loss of income from the inactive vehicle, additional costs such as towing, service charges (averaging $100 per hour), and the need to rent extra vehicles to compensate for the downtime all contribute to a considerable loss of revenue.

Batteries Plus Offers Expert Solutions to Enhance Fleet Battery Performance

If your fleet vehicles are struggling to perform in the heat, it might be time to upgrade to a better battery. Our exclusive X2Power AGM batteries are designed to perform in extreme conditions ranging from -40℉ to 149℉. Plus, they feature these additional advantages: 

●    Completely Sealed Design: Prevents water evaporation, protecting the battery from sulfation.
●    Valve Regulated: Equipped with a one-way pressure relief valve to prevent gas from escaping, reducing the likelihood of corrosion.
●    Higher Voltage Output: Offers more energy compared to flooded batteries, ensuring reliable vehicle starting.
●    Extended Lifespan: Engineered to last up to 3 times longer than standard fleet batteries.
●    High Vibration Resistance: Particularly beneficial for heavy-duty trucks.
●    Faster Charging: Recharges up to 5 times faster than traditional flooded batteries.
●    Lower Self-Discharge Rate: Holds its charge for much longer during storage.
●    Warranty: Comes with a 4-year limited replacement warranty
●    Made in the U.S.A.

Additional Auto Fleet Solutions Available at Batteries Plus 

No matter what type of fleet you have, Batteries Plus has you covered. We offer a broad range of replacement batteries for any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, lawn tractors, RVs, boats, golf carts, ATVs, and more. Plus, we offer these convenient services too through our agreement: 

●    Free Battery Testing - Bring your malfunctioning batteries to us and we’ll test them for you, free of charge. 
●    Key Cutting & Key Fob Replacement - We make it easy to replace your aging keys and fobs with our key cutting and key fob programming services (available at participating locations only). 

Save on Auto Essentials and More with Your Batteries Plus Agreement

As the heat intensifies, it's essential to prioritize protecting your fleet vehicles from the adverse effects of extreme temperatures. Upgrading to X2Power AGM batteries and taking advantage of Batteries Plus' expert services can significantly enhance fleet performance and reduce costly downtime.

Batteries Plus is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery, light bulb, key fob and tablet/cell phone repair retailer, with a nationwide network of more than 700 stores. Our selection of more than 60,000 types of batteries, light bulbs and accessories makes us the provider of choice for an enormous range of industries all available to OMNIA Partners members today.

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