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Preventing Deferred Maintenance: The Key to Long-Term Success

With competing priorities and busy schedules, labor shortages, and limited resources, following recommended equipment maintenance schedules can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be! Making janitorial maintenance an everyday habit will not only keep your equipment running smoothly, but it will also alleviate costly emergency repairs and eliminate delays in ongoing operations and projects. With the help of cooperative purchasing through OMNIA Partners, Network offers facility and equipment maintenance solutions to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently. 

What is Deferred Maintenance?

When an organization postpones necessary repairs, upgrades or maintenance in order to save money or use it elsewhere it is called deferred maintenance. Doing this can cause a snowball effect and cause other assets to no longer function properly. 

Several different factors can play into deferred maintenance, such as budget constraints, lack of resources or competing priorities. However, the longer maintenance is deferred, the more likely it is to lead to larger issues, safety hazards, and higher future costs.

Addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner is crucial for preserving the value and functionality of assets, and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of users or occupants.

Network Distribution has compiled a list of ways you can keep costs down while also keeping your equipment up and running. These preventative measures could be what keeps you from needing major repairs down the road.  

Hear from Thomas Grounds, Senior Corporate Account Director of Network Distribution in the video below.

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  • Create a daily routine
    • Incorporate maintenance procedures into your teams' daily tasks with checklists, whiteboards, or guides.
  • Save all of your manuals 
    • Reviewing the manual is a great resource for troubleshooting your equipment. Upkeep like changing belts and replacing brushes can help you save time and money later on.  
  • Inspect your equipment regularly 
    • Catch issues before they become problematic by examining electric cords for kinks, splits, or fraying. Also, be on the lookout for damaged brushes, squeegees, and wheels. 
  • Keep your equipment clean 
    • Dust and dirt can easily cause equipment to overheat because it causes the machine to work harder. Keep your spaces clean to prevent damage to your equipment.  
    • Keep your filters clean. A dirty filter can decrease overall efficiency.

It is important to team up with an equipment specialist who understands the need to balance effective, productive and ergonomically correct tools with the cost, training requirements and life expectancy that fit your budget. 

Partnering with a trusted distributor can help you stay on track with your equipment maintenance as we as provide the services needed to keep you up and running and avoid deferring maintenance. Click the button below to explore a variety of facility and equipment maintenance solutions offered on a national cooperative contract with Network through OMNIA Partners. 


About OMNIA Partners & Network Distribution

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