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Streamline Your Procurement Process with These GPO Category Offerings

It isn’t uncommon for procurement to have to purchase for several different departments within an organization. It’s hard to be an expert in all of the different product and service offerings available and also fully understand what your stakeholders need to be successful. 

In order to streamline your sourcing process and bring more value into all of your company’s departments, you may need to extend your team by adding a group purchasing organization (GPO) to your strategy. 

You and your team, no matter the size, are fully capable of purchasing what you need, but a GPO takes it a step further by providing ongoing contract management and continuous monitoring of the market to provide supply chain visibility to mitigate potential risks.  

As a GPO, we are not trying to take your job, we just want to help make your job easier and equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to be a rockstar at your organization. 

Below, we explore 4 of our spend categories that offer industry-leading contracts and highlight their value and savings.

Corporate Services

Average Savings of 16%

From copy and print services to business machines and storage needs, we have a diverse portfolio full of corporate services and office solutions. Our goal is to put time back in your schedule while giving you access to top-of-the-line products and solutions. 

  • Branded apparel 
  • Furniture & workspace solutions 
  • Risk management solutions 
  • Business relocation services 
  • Office supplies & solutions
  • And more


Human Resources

Average Savings of 11-39%

Being a HR professional is no easy feat. Procurement is in the perfect position to equip HR with the tools and solutions they need to successfully attract and retain talent. We offer: 

  • Background checks and drug screenings 
  • Contingent workforce solutions 
  • Payroll and HCM solutions 
  • Insurance and benefits
  • Workforce mobility 



Average Savings of 8-20%

As a GPO member you immediately unlock access to travel service solutions which helps your organization stay competitive and streamline your procurement process. You can feel confident your employees will get where they need to be at the best possible price. We offer contracts in: 

  • Car rental 
  • Travel management 
  • Corporate housing 
  • Meetings and events 


Financial Services

Looking to improve your organization's financial services spend management? Leveraging group purchasing gives you access to industry leading suppliers and solutions right when you need them. Our portfolio includes: 

  • Corporate payment solutions 
  • Expense management 
  • Leasing services 

Strategic Sourcing for Your Organization

As purchasing needs arise, group purchasing can make the process easier and more efficient. GPOs create strong relationships so your organization can grow and operate at full capacity. We want to empower you and your team to provide your organization with the proper solutions.


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