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MSP- Versatile Solution for all Talent Needs

Managed Service Provider (MSP) services represent a significant market share in the staffing industry and are growing constantly. Globally, the managed services market size, valued at USD 239.71 billion, is believed to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% from 2020 to 2030.

Be it a global giant or a thriving organization, there is a crucial need to access flexible talent early, more than ever. Over time, the market has witnessed fresh players joining in to fulfill MSP's rising needs and core benefits: visibility, control, cost reduction, and compliance devoid of complexity or high-cost customized programs.

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Gone are the days when organizations with the most talent spending used to consider investing in MSP solutions. With digitization entering almost every industry, the Staffing industry is no exception and has led to increased availability of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to access more business outside talent expertise. And with several thousand contingent workers scattered around the globe, the MSPs provide extra support for companies to engage and manage the temporary workforce, regardless of location. Managed service providers help boost business by improving operational efficiency and lowering operating expenses while focusing on core competencies. It ensures optimal resource allocation and utilization, helps augment complete profit, and improves operational efficiency.

MSP's highly scalable, flexible, and versatile model helps businesses adapt and streamline technological advances to drive the market's growth over the predicted period. The Services involved are outsourcing management functions for advanced business operations to a third party. It ensures the improvement of the business's operational efficiency by cutting down its operating expenses.

Today, managed services are increasingly popular across industries due to the widespread adoption of cloud-based technology. Digitization has played a vital role in the expansion of MSP offerings. The introduction of the plug-and-play approach, diminishing the months of complex customization allowed by agile technology, has opened the door to an efficient & quicker generation of multi-utility MSP products. The advancement of technology and evolving attitudes have led to a shift in the range of services and solutions available in the market. Potential buyers in the MSP market are equipped with elevated knowledge at all spending levels, encouraging providers to think outside the box about their services. Buyers are scouring for talent programs that offer both - high-touch experiences & high-tech solutions for their people & talent communities.

The new MSP solution must be an excellent combination of the latest technologies & strong talent expertise with a prominent focus on people's wants constantly. This new market era has accelerated a desire to put up things differently. The market has exploded with a growing demand for flexible talent. It has turned many leaders towards a contingent workforce & gig economy to accommodate the right skills at the right time. Therefore, it is most important to associate with the right partner to access the significant talent category. MSP plays a vital role in the staffing industry and is essential to meet the expectations of businesses with all features like speed, agility, competency, and technology.

Today, clients are searching for providers who can break through the ice of traditional and obsolete MSP features and think beyond the ordinary solutions of engaging with the external workforce.

Acro offers all OMNIA Partners participating organizations the benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, regardless of your size. An MSP program enables you to access a broad and deep pool of talent through multiple staffing providers while enjoying the ease and low overhead of interfacing with one singular point of contact. MSP services are typically only possible for large organizations, but Acro is offering this service for all OMNIA Partners participants, no matter how small. Learn more about Acro and OMNIA Partners here

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Acro is among the top 50 staffing firms in the U.S. and is a globally recognized provider of labor and total talent management solutions. Acro prides itself on being a valuable partner through its dedication to providing advanced staffing solutions and exceptional client service. Through the purchasing power of OMNIA Partners, members can leverage a group purchasing agreement with Acro for staffing across a wide range of job categories. Discover a better way to buy and get connected with Acro today!