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Large Broadcasting Group Utilizes Group Purchasing to Complete Major Project

It’s no secret that any company’s goal is to save money. When you’re dealing with different situations that require a variety of resources, the costs add up quickly! Sinclair Broadcast Group ran into this while looking to purchase merchandise for their companies rebrand. They began looking at their options, but quickly realized the massive amount of product inventory might pose a challenge to their procurement team.  

So, this begs the question: as a company, how can we implement strategic spend while still accomplishing the task at hand?  

Every procurement professional realizes the importance of speed and savings. Eric Buckner, Sinclair’s Senior Director of Purchasing knew the most efficient option was to loop in the power of a group purchasing organization (GPO). 

Keep reading to learn how Sinclair Broadcast Group leveraged group purchasing to reach their strategic goals. 


Sinclair Broadcast Group is a diversified media company and leading provider of local news and sports. The organization serves communities in 86 markets with 185 television stations, while its 21 regional sports networks also span most of the country. Upon facilitating a major rebrand for 19 of the sports networks, Sinclair searched for a supplier specializing in promotional products and solutions to partner with for this extensive project. 

“GPOs provide another tool in a very extensive tool kit that works for cost savings” says Buckner. “They are particularly valuable in areas of spend where procurement has not taken the time to thoroughly vet a particular category of spend. In that regard, they can act as an extension of my team. We can, and we have taken advantage of ‘riding the coattails’ of larger companies and/or companies with larger spend that are members of a GPO.”   Eric Buckner

Seeing that Sinclair needed a solution, Buckner knew that utilizing a GPO would not only save him in cost and time efficiency, but also in resource savings.  


Through seamless collaboration, Sinclair Broadcast Group chose the OMNIA Partners program with AMP&M to build an online store that helped fulfill all the organizations’ needs. Not only was the utilization of a GPO helpful, but it also gave the Sinclair purchasing department peace of mind that they were going to have complete quality control working with just one company. GPOs are here to minimize the back-and-forth, so you don’t have to. 

In the end, the uniformity of production and consistency of using just one company for all their merchandising needs, Sinclair was able to carefully and correctly present their rebrand in the most efficient way.  

Read the full story of how AMP&M and OMNIA Partners helped Sinclair successfully procure their rebranding needs here. 

The Power of a Group Purchasing Strategy

Partnering with a GPO not only brings immense time and cost savings to your organization, but it also gives you access to subject matter experts and a team that is constantly monitoring the market and managing the lifecycle of your contracts. Utilizing a GPO doesn’t take away the job of procurement, it just makes it easier and gives you a strategic partner to walk alongside your organization as you work to find solutions.  

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