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International Airport Saves Big on Vertical Transportation

An airport serving more than 22 million passengers per year—including 1 million traveling to nine foreign countries—is one of the busiest single-runway airports in the world. In that high-volume environment, efficient vertical transportation is the key to customer satisfaction. Elevators and escalators there must be reliable, dependable and deliver maximum uptime.

The Challenge: Gaining Efficiencies

With a major redevelopment project planned, airport leaders identified the need for efficiencies and standardizations as the key to optimized uptime. To achieve that goal, they placed priority on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), project management expertise, equipment compatibility and the value of a trusted partner for maintenance and modernization projects.


The Solution: Value in Procurement

Seeking to work with key stakeholders to establish the most appropriate method for products and services, this airport utilized a through OMNIA Partners, which provided a new avenue for negotiation, administrative time-savings, and expense associated with resoliciting the contract. KONE's cooperative contract, “was a valuable resource for equipment acquisition,” says the Director of Procurement and Contract Services, “especially since there was also room for additional negotiation.” Available through OMNIA Partners, the cooperative contract provided a productive, streamlined process, rapid improvement of onsite experiences within vertical transportation operations, value comparable to competitive offerings, and the confidence that comes from working with a trusted partner.
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The Results: Savings and Efficiencies
When KONE offered cost-saving measures and provided value comparable to competitive offerings, the airport was confident that it was making the right decision. “This facility is constantly improving and expanding, and there are a lot of efficiencies when we can standardize equipment,” the Director of Procurement and Contract Services says. “Plus, KONE provides monitoring, maintenance and training with standardized equipment, and that applies to modernization of existing equipment as well as equipment planned as part of the redevelopment.”

KONE also improved operational effectiveness. The KONE Major Projects team, supported by local branch operations, ensured that design, engineering, and delivery were being managed to meet the customer’s expectations. Use of the cooperative contract’s comprehensive contract package accelerated the project start date, delivering rapid improvement on customer experiences with vertical transportation operations. This airport’s relationship with KONE allowed customization of local needs. Because most of the airport’s elevators and escalators were manufactured by KONE, retaining the OEM as a trusted partner benefitted both the facilities team and travelers.

About KONE and OMNIA Partners

KONE is a global supplier of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, and moving walks. KONE designs, manufactures, installs, and provides modernization, maintenance, and repair services. Available through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, KONE offers a cooperative contract for participants to save time and money when it comes to elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps. To view OMNIA Partners entire cooperative contract portfolio, click here.