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How Switching To Voice Solutions Saved Money for Equipment Manufacturing Company

Granite Telecommunications goes above and beyond with service to their customers. When the opportunity emerged with an equipment manufacturing company, Granite rose to the challenge. The customer was in need of a solution that could help streamline their telecommunication services before a quickly approaching deadline. Through the OMNIA Partners program, they successfully streamlined their process and established a dedicated support team that covers all of their telephony needs quickly and efficiently.

Customer Profile:

Industry: Aviation Equipment Manufacturing

  • Leading aviation equipment manufacturing firm
  • Privately held U.S. company with customers worldwide
  • Over 150 employees


The customer had over 100 Hosted PBX lines across multiple locations, and their original carrier was going out of business soon. Another carrier had started to port the lines to their network but were behind schedule and unable to complete the transition before the deadline, leaving dozens of lines at risk of being lost. Left with different providers for different phones in the same building, they were stuck calling two customer service departments and two billing departments for every issue, with one company about to close and unable to help them and the other unresponsive to their needs. The customer wanted a solution that would allow them to retain their recently purchased equipment, keep them up-and-running during the transition by porting entire departments at a time, and give them the flexibility to add or remove lines quickly and make changes to their account on a daily basis. They needed a single provider who could take over all of their HPBX lines before the deadline, provide excellent service and a single bill, and be responsive to their frequently changing needs.


Granite Telecommunications assembled a dedicated support team of engineers, VoIP specialists, and billing and customer service representatives to quickly manage the customer’s needs. There were over 100 HPBX lines ported from two different carriers within 45 days. In addition, Granite IT Field Services configured all of the customer’s recently purchased equipment to work with Granite Voice Solutions Hosted PBX, and Global Meet was deployed to allow the customer to communicate with their entire workforce at one time. Because of Granite’s relationship with OMNIA Partners, the customer was able to secure reduced rates for international calling.


Through the immense purchasing power of OMNIA Partners, Granite successfully ported all of the customer’s Hosted PBX lines to Granite Voice Solutions before the original carrier closed, one department at a time, ensuring that the lines would stay active, and business could continue as usual without any interruptions in service. The customer can now add and remove HPBX lines, upgrade and downgrade seat licenses, and make whatever changes they need to as often as they need to and as quickly as they want to, so they can grow their business at their own pace. Lower international calling rates and the ability to keep owned equipment saved the customer significant money during the transition and well into the future. The customer now has one bill that consolidates all of their lines from multiple locations into a single monthly charge, saving them time and work. Through a successful partnership, the customer now has one point of contact with a dedicated support team that covers all of their telephony needs and addresses them quickly and efficiently.


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