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Group Purchasing Strategy for Property Inspection Preparation

Imagine you're sitting at your desk with a mound of work to do, and then BAM-an email hits your inbox about an upcoming property inspection. What do you do first? Do you know what steps you need to take to be prepared? 

Property inspections can take on many forms. They can be done for improvement grants, financial compliance, state and federal affordable housing programs, or annual property insurance. Depending on the type of inspection and who is conducting it, it’s important that you keep your community operating at its highest potential at all times so there is no inspection panic. 

Follow along as we outline how to prepare for an upcoming property inspection. 


Odds are the type of inspection you are facing has a checklist associated with it. If not, it’s a best practice to create one based on what will be inspected. You may even find a list compiled by a local apartment association, your lender, or the inspection association itself.  

“You first must do an inspection yourself. For any inspection, you should start with a checklist of inspectable items in categories like grounds, pool, clubhouse, building exterior, etc.” - David M. Soule, Vice President of Business Development at KMG Prestige, AMO. 

Once you locate a checklist, start identifying and spot-checking the areas that will be inspected and know exactly what the inspectors will be looking for upon arrival. In this type of situation, preparation is key. Being over-prepared will give you an advantage and leave more time for last-minute issues. 

Soule recommends having a ranking system as you self-inspect your community to remain consistent on the order in which you will resolve any deficiencies you may find. Be sure to test any and all appliances, mechanicals (as well as safety systems) and make sure the community pool is up to par. Once you have completed an indoor inspection, then take a walk outside and inspect the landscaping and overall cleanliness of your property.  

“Once you are done with your own inspection, make sure to enter all the items needing repair or attention into your maintenance software system if you have one,” says Soule. “Repair the easy stuff right away if you are preparing for an agency inspection, or if this is a scorable inspection like a REAC for HUD, make sure you start with the high point deducible items.” 

You Found Some Issues, Now What?

If you find nothing wrong with your property, then congratulations! But you probably did and that’s okay. With a deadline in mind, you need to make a list of all the repairs and replacements that need to be done before inspection day. While you can source solutions on your own, as a way to add more value to your community, look to a group purchasing organization (GPO) to help you strategically purchase what you need and create a plan for further upkeep.  

GPOs offer countless solutions that can help you keep your property in good shape and ensure you are prepared for future mishaps or repairs. Beyond access to solutions, you gain an extension of your team with industry experts and a dedicated regional director that understands your needs and can guide you to saving time and money.  

It's Inspection Time!

The big day is approaching, and it’s time to sit down with your team and make sure everyone is on the same page. Go over pre-inspection and post-inspection checklists, inform them of the possible outcomes, and plan how you will be handling any feedback from the inspection. This will empower your team to play offense and tackle any property needs they discover. Working together is one key way to ensure your property is always in great shape and ready for inspection. 

Internal property inspections are important to do on a regular basis to avoid situations where you are scrambling to prepare for an external inspection. Sometimes you may not have a lot of time to prepare, so maintaining your property on a daily basis will prevent an influx of maintenance repairs before an inspection.  

Group Purchasing Value

The group buying power of OMNIA Partners translates into savings across the board and inherent value beyond cost for your multifamily property portfolio. Because of our strong supplier relationships, your service requests are elevated, and contracts are pre-negotiated. You have access to all strategic spend categories in products and services required by the multifamily housing industry with the added value of a centralized procurement operation.  

Not only is a GPO helpful when you need a quick solution, but it also can help you have a plan in place to avoid backlogs of maintenance and panic around inspections. Ready to get started? Click the button below.