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Fire Safety 101: Protect Your Properties & Residents

Multifamily housing property fires are one of the most common disasters that cause major damage to communities nationwide. Whether the fire started in one unit and spread or it started as a wildfire, there are a few ways you can put up a defense in order to protect your property and residents. 

Some fires can be prevented by taking certain safety measures, while other types will happen regardless. It is important to have a plan for all types of fires to reduce damage and injury to your residents and properties.  

Follow along as we outline how to prepare for and prevent multifamily housing property fires. 

Preventing and Preparing for Fires

When working to protect against preventable fires, there are several actions you should take. HD Supply, a trusted supplier partner of OMNIA Partners, has compiled a checklist to ensure your property is taking the necessary steps to be ready when disaster strikes. Click the button below to download your copy!


Once you have reviewed this list, you may see that you need to install, update or inspect some of your fire prevention equipment. Partnering with a group purchasing organization (GPO), like OMNIA Partners, gives you access to a portfolio of solutions allowing you to choose which one best fits your needs. Several of our facilities' supplier partners offer fire safety programs and are readily available to you.  

Supplier partner Cintas has a fire protection program that can get you ready for the worst with ease. While you may already have the necessary items like sprinklers and fire extinguishers, Cintas is there to inspect your equipment and make sure it is in pristine condition to operate properly during an emergency.  

If a Fire Already Occurred, is it too Late to Utilize a GPO? 

Although we promote fire safety and preparedness, GPOs have several solutions for the aftermath of a fire as well. We know not all fires are preventable, and well, things happen when you have this many people living under one roof. Having a GPO partner as part of your overall strategy ensures you have someone to walk you through the steps of rebuilding and repairing damaged property. 

DKI, one of our industry-leading supplier partners, provides restoration services to multifamily housing communities nationwide 24/7/365. The DKI team is highly trained and experienced to help you restore your property after a tragedy, such as a fire.  

Check out our portfolio of facilities solutions   

The Power of a GPO

While you may think a fire won’t happen to your property, its best to take the necessary steps to be prepared just in case. Several of our supplier partners offer programs that help you through preparation and recovery from fires. This is one key way to ensure your residents are in good hands and to put your mind at ease knowing you have subject matter experts in your corner.