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EdTech Trends in 2024

As we dive into 2024, let’s take a look at what solutions are trending in the world of education technology. Which technologies are going to shape teaching and learning? What initiatives will bring us into an increasingly digital future of education? How can we prepare for a future that (feels like) is coming so fast?

Through their partnership with OMNIA Partners, Trafera works to keep your classroom technology updated and maintained - from technology to professional development, Trafera is committed to ensuring that all educational spaces are best in class. 

Learn about what's ahead for education technology according to Trafera: 


1. Smart Management of Educational Technology                               

With more tech and less funding than previous years, schools will be rethinking how to sustain, maintain, and enhance their edtech ecosystem.

Sustainable Budgeting

EDU has gone through a major era of digital transformation since 2019. Although funds like ESSER, CARES, and ECF are going away, declining back to the way it was before the pandemic is just not an option. 

It is time to get creative! And while a lemonade stand to raise money for school technology sounds fun, here are some practical ideas on how to boost and level out edtech budgets in 2024: 

  • Device-as-a-Service (DaaS): A cost-effective program that bundles tech hardware with services like setup and support into a single package with flexible payment plans, eliminating large upfront costs and simplifying budget management. 
  • Increasing the Lifespan of Technology: Squeaking just a little more life out of the technology you already have can give you more time to plan and budget for larger technology investments. Options like Trafera’s Eco Warranty give you an additional year of pre-paid warranty coverage on student devices, plus credit for future purchases. 
  • Buy Backs: Buy Back programs are great for giving your budget a boost and cleaning out the closets to make room for new equipment. What’s more, some buyback programs (like at Trafera) are centered around responsibly restoring old tech so you can sleep easy knowing made an earth-friendly move. (Ask a Trafera rep if your school qualifies for Device Lifecycle Management)
2. Artificial Intelligence

recent survey in a report by David Nagel in THE Journal highlights an issue that will continue to be a concern in 2024: teacher burnout.

Addressing Teacher Burnout with AI

  • Alleviate Heavy Workloads: AI is a great tool for automating routine tasks like grading and attendance. This reduces the administrative burden and gives teachers more time for things like student interactions and planning.
  • Do More with Less: AI is great at doing big tasks quickly: a really handy ability for educators trying to make the most of their limited prep time. The best news is that there are many AI functions in the productivity tools schools already use, like Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365 Education. Generative AI can be used to create lesson plans, rubrics, communications, and beyond while AI analytics can transform mounds of data into actionable, educational insights. 
  • Reignite Passion for Teaching: Some AI tools are helping teachers reclaim connection with their students by helping them get out from behind a computer. Artificial intelligent assistants such as Merlyn Mind–which functions like a Siri or Alexa for education–give teachers hands-free, voice control of their classroom. 
3. Cloud Based Learning Platforms 

Cloud-based platforms play a big role in tomorrow’s educational landscape. They not only provide a repository of resources but also a space for real-time collaboration and learning. In the new year, we will see them being utilized in various ways to meet the evolving needs of education such as: 

Enhance Teacher-Student Interaction 

Cloud-based platforms offer new tools for enriching the interactions between students and teachers. You can provide immediate feedback, share a wealth of additional resources, and conduct live sessions. This close interaction leads to a learning experience that is more catered and responsive to individual student needs.

Make Collaborative Learning Easy

By fostering an environment where collaborative learning is the norm, cloud-based platforms encourage students to work together on projects,Blog Pic - Kids in Class discuss ideas, and share insights, irrespective of physical distance.

A study from the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education supports this noting, "Cloud-supported collaborative learning tools help in enhancing cognitive engagement, cognitive presence, knowledge sharing, and reflective thinking among students. These tools are seen as vital for knowledge construction and improving functional intellectual abilities."

4. Professional Development

Through professional development, educators stay updated with the latest teaching strategies and educational technology. This not only enriches their teaching methods but also directly benefits students by providing them with a more impactful learning experience.

So, how does professional development benefit your staff? 

  • Renewed Approach: The focus on professional development isn't new, but its importance has gained renewed attention, particularly in combating teacher burnout and maintaining high standards in teaching particularly with digital tools. 
  • Direct Impact on Learning: Updating educators on the latest technology tools, helps prepare students with relevant skills and tools for today's technology-focused educational environment.
  • Support for Equity: Professional development helps with leveling the playing field, especially in under-resourced districts. It ensures that all educators, regardless of their teaching environment, have access to the tools and knowledge they need to provide quality education to every student.

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