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2024.02  ODP Business Solutions  Updating on a Budget Blog Featured ImageThe top 3 considerations for outfitting your agency

When it comes to furnishing and equipping government agencies for success, there are several parameters to consider — especially the “Three C’s”: cost, comfort, and compliance. With the right furniture provider, all three can be achieved with ease. Whether you’re furnishing one room or the entire space of your agency, here are some things to keep in mind:


1. CostBlog_Jan_no2_Government_Blog_Inset_images1

Chances are that like most local, state, or federal agencies, you have a strict budget to work with when selecting furniture. Selecting basic, reasonably priced furniture is a great start, but it also pays to keep durability in mind when making your purchase, as it can help you save money in the future by prolonging the need to replace it sooner than later.


Get with the program

Another way to help drive cost reduction and boost operational efficiencies within your organization is through public sector purchasing programs such as competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contracts. Let us help you find the right value-driven program to help enhance the worth of your procurement dollars.

2. Comfort

Blog_Jan_no2_Government_Blog_Inset_images3With many agency employees working at their desks for extended periods of time, comfort can be critical. Consider equipping your agency with ergonomic furniture and accessories to help promote better posture and productivity. In addition, checking to see what adjustments are available on your furniture can go a long way in accommodating employees and visitors with disabilities.


Go to commercial

In addition to durability, one of the key aspects of most commercial-grade furniture is its ability to provide adjustable support and breathability — specifically when it comes to seating. This can be ideal for long hours spent working while seated at a desk.

3. Compliance

Blog_Jan_no2_Government_Blog_Inset_images2Before you purchase any new furniture for your agency, consider any regulations that must be met to achieve compliance. Selecting furniture from competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contracts can help your agency stay on track.


Cooperative Contract Available Through OMNIA Partners

•    Lead agency: Region 4 ESC – TX
•    Contract number: R191812 

Does your agency have remote staff members? You can help them stay productive while maintaining comfort in their home offices through competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contracts as well.

Know the rules

Understanding the types of requirements government furniture purchases must meet can help make it easier for you to achieve compliance when furnishing your space. These include regulations around materials, safety, ergonomics, and accessibility.


Rely on Workspace Interiors & OMNIA Partners

The Workspace Interiors professional office furniture specialists understand the needs and budget constraints of government agencies. We will work with you to implement a program of quality products and services that fits within your budget and meets your needs.

We offer pricing value that you would expect from numerous publicly solicited cooperative contracts and programs through OMNIA Partners. Count on us to work alongside you to help you achieve — and exceed — your expectations. Find out how we can help you support collaboration throughout your organization.