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Clean Schools, Happy Schools: Cultivating a Culture of Cleanliness

Educational institutions and facility staff continue to face a myriad of challenges, such as budget constraints, high turnover rates and staff shortages. This has placed immense pressure on staff to maintain a pristine and clean learning environment. In addition, facility managers are facing a surge in work-orders, making it difficult to keep up on routine maintenance and hygiene due to time and resource constraints. Enter the Clean schools, happy schools program by Kimberly-Clark Professional, available through OMNIA Partners. This initiative encourages student participation in cleaning and hygiene activities in a fun and kid-friendly routine to assist facility professionals in keeping learning spaces well-maintained. Keep reading to learn more about the challenges facility managers face, and how students can assist with routine cleanliness of learning environments. 

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Challenges for Facility Managers & Staff

Increasing hygiene standards puts pressure on facility staff who are often seen as solely responsible for maintaining cleanliness. When schools change their cleaning standards, custodians are at the forefront and see a significant increase in workload and responsibilities. 

With fluctuating labor challenges and numerous daily tasks, many facility managers are struggling to keep up with their cleaning duties and require additional assistance.

Clean Schools, Happy Schools: An Inclusive and Efficient Program

The Clean schools, happy schools program by Kimberly-Clark Professional aims to encourage student participation in cleaning and hygiene practices in a fun and kid-friendly manner. Ultimately, this program seeks to alleviate stressors on facility managers and supporting staff. By encouraging the entire school community to participate and get involved in cleaning and hygiene protocols, together they can:

☑️ Raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in schools, highlighting the positive impact on learning outcomes.
☑️ Ease the burden on custodial staff to help create an atmosphere conducive to learning.
☑️ Establish healthy habits and encourage students to do their part in creating a clean space.
☑️ Build a sense of community to collectively maintain a clean and welcoming school environment that everyone can take pride in.

Benefits Within the Classroom

Not only does the program create a sense of community and ease the burden on facility managers, but a clean and healthy learning environment creates opportunities for students in the classroom as well. 

1. Proper hygiene helps promote student health 
Regular cleaning and maintenance help minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, and allergens. When kids are healthy, they are performing their best. 

2. Improved academic performance
Research has unequivocally shown a direct link between the condition of school facilities and student performance, with improved test scores when learning spaces are improved.1 A clean and organized learning environment promotes better concentration and focus among students. With less distraction, students are more likely to absorb information and perform well academically.2

3. Positive community image
A positive community image can lead to increased support, resources, and collaboration, ultimately benefiting the school and its students. A school district's performance can also impact home values and ultimately enrollment rates.

4. Higher attendance rates
When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating. Creating a hygienic learning environment not only helps minimize absenteeism by reducing illness causing germs, but it can also impact a school district's budget. When students perform well that means the district is likely getting attendance funding.

The clean schools, happy schools package is available to participating agencies of OMNIA Partners. With the support and purchasing power of OMNIA Partners and Kimberly-Clark Professional, school districts and campuses can leverage a cost-effective cooperative contract, available through their favorite distributor, to help alleviate stress and pressure on facility managers and custodial staff. To learn more about the program and available solutions & resources, click the flyer above or the button below! 

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1. Texas Association of School Boards, 5 Ways Your School Facilities Impact Student Achievement, Feb 2022 

2. The Relationship Between School Building Conditions and Student Achievement at the Middle School Level in the Commonwealth of Virginia, August 2007