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Celebrating AAPI Month: How Acro Drives Opportunities Through Tiered Diversity

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, it's crucial to recognize the organizations that actively support diversity and inclusion within the business community. Acro, a leader in managing service provider (MSP) solutions, stands out as a prime example of how embracing diversity in staffing can foster economic inclusion and create vast opportunities for diverse business communities, including AAPI-owned businesses.

The Impact of Diversity on Business

Partnering with diverse suppliers offers benefits beyond meeting diversity requirements. Such partnerships can enhance innovation, agility, and access to a broader talent pool, leading to faster fill times and a more inclusive company culture. This strategy has significantly increased Acro's clients' ability to achieve impressive diversity spend percentages, enhancing their reputation with top talent who value inclusivity. This strategy has boosted Acro's clients' diversity spending, improving their reputation with inclusion-focused top talent.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Diversity: The Acro Advantage

Tier 1 suppliers at Acro have a direct relationship with the client, often through Acro's MSP services. This setup allows Acro to advocate for diversity directly and influence the inclusion of diverse suppliers at the foundational level of staffing solutions. Impressively, 100% of client spending with Acro qualifies as Tier 1 diversity credit, showcasing their commitment to diversity first-hand.

Meanwhile, Tier 2 suppliers, managed through Acro's MSP, extend this commitment to diversity further into the staffing process. About 50% of Acro's staffing supplier network is diverse certified, aiming to increase this figure to over 60% by next year. This structured approach not only enhances the diversity of the workforce but also speeds up the staffing process, proving that diversity can coincide with efficiency and effectiveness.

Promoting Economic Inclusion

Acro's active participation in initiatives like the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) and its alignment with ambitious goals like the Billion Dollar Roundtable highlights its dedication to economic inclusion. By fostering substantial relationships with certified minority-owned businesses, including those within the AAPI community, Acro not only boosts revenue within these communities but also contributes meaningfully to their growth and sustainability.

A Call to Action

As we reflect on the significance of AAPI Month, it is essential to recognize and support the roles companies like Acro play in promoting diversity and economic inclusivity. Their model of tiered diversity staffing meets immediate workforce needs and builds a foundation for sustained economic growth among diverse suppliers, demonstrating a robust commitment to creating a truly inclusive business environment.

About Acro and OMNIA Partners 

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