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Building an Offensive Mindset for Cyber Attacks

“A zero-day vulnerability involving a remote code execution called "Log4j" (CVE-2021-44228) was found and reported to Apache by Alibaba on November 24, 2021 and published in a tweet on December 9, 2021.”

It sounds like something from THE TERMINATOR.

One week later, attacks utilizing this vulnerability spread across the globe, crippling millions of organizations before they could take defensive action. With a severity score of 10 out of 10, Log4j was easily the most high-profile security breach of 2021. But, this is only the beginning.

IT leaders need to adopt the mindset that threats, and vulnerability are constantly looming, and risk is only mitigated if an intentional, offensive strategy is adopted in conjunction with an existing defensive plan.

Winston Churchill said it best,

“Never worry about action, but only about inaction.”

When you take action, focus on these three key segments:


Offensive Cyber Security services by Konica Minolta’s Depth Security team, allows enterprises to incorporate PEN Testing, Adversary Emulation and Red Teaming into their existing strategy. This ensures that when the day comes that a hack takes place, your team will be ready.

Contact us today, to see how your organization can avoid risk with our Offensive Cyber Security services.