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Auto Company Increases Buying Power & Manages Spend with GPO

Procurement teams are vital to the operations of an organization. Your team has likely been instrumental in helping your company maneuver through continued supply chain issues and other major challenges but you're often overworked and stretched thin trying to hit deadlines and overcome contracting issues. Relief can be found in a group purchasing organization (GPO). 

Partnering with a GPO not only streamlines your procurement process but also makes it more cost efficient. One of the companies having success through their GPO is OMNIA Partners member, Caliber Collision, the nation’s largest auto collision repair provider serving 40 states. With several locations across the country, their supply chain and vendor management team has a large amount of spend, facilities and products to manage.  

Watch the video below to hear Caliber Collision supply chain leaders share how group purchasing has helped them bring value and savings to their organization.  

Extend & Strengthen Your Procurement Team

Collaborating with a GPO gives you a powerful partner. There are multiple teams that focus on your journey through the buying process and support you every step of the way. You may be challenged with staying up to date on the latest trends in every spend category. The GPO has subject matter experts constantly keeping up with industry and market insights so your procurement team can save time and tap into their in-depth knowledge for success in category management.   

GPOs not only provide you with extra energy and resources to procure the goods and services your organization requires, but also help you create a strategic plan to meet your budgetary goals and stakeholder demands. Caliber Collision Quote

Make an Impact at Your Organization with a GPO

More GPO member spend means more spend flowing through agreements, allowing GPOs to negotiate even deeper discounts and continue to improve terms and conditions with suppliers. As these supplier relationships mature, a GPO can likely further mitigate risk for your procurement team by engaging multiple people at various levels throughout supplier organizations. We work to make sure our contracts are not only great today but remain great years from now. 

Through your immediate access to subject matter experts and industry-leading solutions, you can ensure your organization is strategically progressing toward its goals. GPO suppliers trust the contracting process, and members trust that we vet our suppliers the right way. This circle of trust is what makes joining a GPO so special and beneficial. 

Interested in learning more about GPOs? Check out our FAQ page or connect with us today!