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Are Your Employees Protected? 5 Safety Precautions for Success

Maintaining a safe work environment should always be a top priority. Whether it's a busy office, a hot kitchen or a noisy construction site, reducing the risk of injury and protecting your workforce is more than a regulatory compliance. From minor accidents to life-threatening injuries, the risks are real and varied. However, a proactive approach can significantly reduce these risks and create a safer workplace. Here are some ways facility and procurement leaders can help safeguard employees from head to toe, and ensure long-term operational success in their organization.

Drive Success with a Commitment to SafetyEye Protective Safety Goggles

Safeguarding your workforce from head to toe requires a proactive approach and steadfast commitment to safety. A combination of assessment, proper equipment and ongoing monitoring creates a work environment where employees feel protected, valued and empowered to perform their jobs effectively. A safe work environment:

  • Allows employees to better focus on their tasks without fear of accidents, leading to increased productivity 
  • Reduces costs associated with medical expenses, compensation payments and operational downtime
  • Signals to employees that the organization values their well-being which may increase engagement and retention levels

Here are some considerations to think about when implementing safety protocols in your organization.

Head Protection

OSHA mandates head protection to protect workers from falling or stationary objects, while bump caps protect workers from minor injuries or scrapes caused by walking or bumping into a stationary object. Protect employees from impacts to the head that can cause head, neck and spinal injuries. Helmets should be routinely inspected for cracks, dents or any signs of damage. For optimal protection, damaged helmets should be replaced immediately.

Eye & Face Protection

Protect workers from impact injuries and splash with proper fitting goggles. Eye protection is often worn under a face shield when both eye and face protection are required. Provide workers access to an organized assortment of safety goggles and glasses as well as the supplies to keep glasses clean and lens coatings fresh.

Hearing Protection Safety EquipmentHearing Protection

Prolonged exposure to loud noise levels can lead to hearing loss or other auditory problems. OSHA standards call for ear protection that reduces exposure to below 85 dB for an average 8-hour work shift to avoid noise-induced hearing loss. Earplugs that fit in the ear canal and earmuffs that fit over the ear provide similar ranges of protection. Conduct regular noise level assessments to identify where noise exposure exceeds permissible limits.

Hand & Arm Protection

Protect workers from cuts, burns and other injuries with safety gloves and arm protection. From handling sharp objects to operating machinery or working with chemicals, there is a wide selection of hand protection to meet application needs. Gloves and sleeves are often ANSI/ISEA-rated for cut and needlestick resistance. Ensure employees know the right gloves to wear for the job with training and signage.

Foot Protection

OSHA requires protective footwear for workers at risk of injury from rolling equipment, penetrating or crushing objects, hot or corrosive materials, poisonous or biohazardous materials, and electrical hazards. Today’s work boots offer more protection along with comfort and style for wear after work. Overboots and overshoes fit over footwear to shield shoes from water, chemical or electrical hazards. Hold on-site safety footwear fittings to help your employees get the best-fitting footwear without having to take time out of their day.

Purchasing Safety Equipment Faster & More Efficiently

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