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Alternative Transportation: A Safe, Reliable & Cost-Efficient Solution

Transportation is key to creating a cohesive learning environment. By ensuring that students have access to transportation, districts can help them gain more learning opportunities and reach their full potential. When deciding on the proper transportation method and partner, it’s critical to remember that kids are not cargo. They are unique individuals who deserve consistent and safe rides to school. Let's make sure we're considering their needs and finding the best transportation solutions for them. 

Students from varying backgrounds, including those with special needs, in foster care, or experiencing homelessness, face distinct challenges that require thoughtful solutions. Ensuring every child can access safe, reliable transportation is essential for their academic success and overall welfare. 

We know that safe student transportation is a top priority for all school districts. Transportation personnel, district leadership, and other district-level decision-makers are more often opting for alternative transportation solutions to meet their students' changing needs. Are these alternative options safe? 

Safe & Reliable Journeys

Trusted Alternative Student Transportation providers take great care to ensure that drivers adhere to comprehensive safety requirements. Rigorous driver and monitor background checks, comprehensive vehicle inspections, and safety protocols are essential to protect students before, during, and after their journey. Technology also plays a crucial role in this process, enabling providers to monitor compliance and consistently meet the highest safety standards. 

Here are some essential safety requirements for Alternative Student Transportation: Untitled design (15)

1. Driver Requirements  
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Clean driving record
  • Appropriate education course
2. Vehicle Requirements  
  • Pass all safety inspections
  • Clean and free of odor
  • Ensure that safety equipment is properly secured 
3. Additional Safety Requirements  
  • All trips adhere to state, local and district transportation requirements
  • Drivers and monitors must be polite, patient, presentable and helpful to passengers
  • Drivers, monitors and vehicles are easily identifiable

Best Practices for Safe Student Transportation

Students from vulnerable communities have specific transportation needs that the traditional yellow school bus may be unable to accommodate. Fortunately, Alternative Student Transportation providers can tailor their services for these kiddos.  

Student-Focused Solutions

These tailored services for students with specific physical needs are crucial for ensuring their safety and comfort during transportation. Using small-capacity vehicles equipped to accommodate wheelchair ramps, adaptive car seats, boosters, safety vests, or other needed equipment, provides the student an opportunity to get to school safely, securely, consistently, and in a manner that is suited to their needs. In this way, we create safer and more enjoyable trips for them, give their parents/guardians peace of mind, and deliver them to school ready to learn. 

Alternative Student Transportation providers can implement strategies such as including headphones and calming music during trips. By creating a calming and accommodating environment during transportation, it not only enhances the child's experience but also plays a significant role in their overall safety. Tailoring transportation experiences for these students demonstrates a commitment to their well-being and ensures that they can access education in a way that meets their individual needs. 

Monitors, Aides or Nurses

Monitors, aides, and nurses can also play an integral role by accompanying students with special needs during trips. As part of the safety requirements, monitors should adhere to the same requirements as drivers, except that monitors would be required to provide a valid government-issued I.D. instead of a driver’s license. All other vetting requirements should remain the same. 

Tech Enablement

Additionally, tech-enabled Alternative Student Transportation services also incorporate GPS tracking, real-time route monitoring, and mobile apps, allowing parents and schools to view trip progress and driver and vehicle information. These technologies provide transparency, accountability, and an added layer of safety that may not be readily available in traditional transportation methods. 
Alternative Student Transportation enables districts to help more kiddos get to and from school safely. The small-capacity vehicles used by Alternative Student Transportation providers, including SUVs, sedans, and minivans, can also supplement existing bus routes.

By prioritizing safety in every aspect of student transportation, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all students.

2024.06_PUBLIC_EverDriven_Featured Image_Children Not Cargo Blog (1)Discover Our EverDriven Safety Commitment

EverDriven is the nation’s leading Alternative Student Transportation provider because safety has always been our top priority. The EverDriven Safety Commitment includes strict driver and vehicle requirements, as well as pre-, during, and post-trip safety protocols. 

We carefully screen all EverSafe Drivers and Monitors before they are eligible to become SafeRide Certified – the highest standard in the industry. EverSafe Drivers must also complete our SafeRide Driver Education Course, to ensure they are current on essential topics, such as safe driving practices, defensive driving, and sensitivity to passenger needs. 

EverDriven's Alternative Student Transportation solutions and services are available through a national cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners, the nation's leading group purchasing organization. Educational institutions such as K-12 school districts and higher education campuses can leverage the competitively solicited, publicly awarded contract to procure alternative transportation for students' needs.  

Are you interested in enhancing student journeys with our safe, reliable, and cost-efficient Alternative Student Transportation solution? Click the button below to contact one of our dedicated experts and get started today.