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Achieve Travel Satisfaction with GPO Solutions

Corporate travel has picked back up after a hiatus due to the pandemic. You might be wondering what this means for your organization or working to define current travel needs. Travel managers and procurement are in the perfect spot to work together to re-strategize and save time and money. 

Achieve Travel Satisfaction with GPO Solutions

In order to align with travel managers, you first need to evaluate your company's work from home status. Do you have more employees working remotely now than before? Will they be traveling to your corporate offices regularly? Second, do you have a travel management plan already in place that might just need freshening up? And lastly, what value does travel add to your organization? Why are your employees traveling and is it essential? Meeting traveler expectations in this new era of travel is key. 

Dive into group purchasing organization (GPO) solutions and strategy with us to ensure your employees are safe, satisfied, and taken care of when traveling on your behalf. 

The Remote Work Trend

The pandemic forced many offices to introduce remote working. Some have decided to stick with it for many reasons, cost savings on office space rent, their employees prefer it etc. For many companies, this has also brought to light that they need to evaluate when, why, and how their employees are traveling.  

Partnering with a GPO connects you to subject matter experts and industry leading solutions in travel management so you can successfully get your employees to their destinations and back home.  

Supplier partner Weichert Workforce Mobility specializes in helping companies unleash their mobile talent world-wide. With the launch of their digital service platform Weichert Go, Weichert Workforce Mobility is redefining the relocation technology and helping organizations future-proof their employee experience.  

Corporate Travel Management

Having a corporate travel management strategy is key when working towards duty of care (i.e., ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your employees). According to Enterprise holdings in partnership with The BTN group, six in 10 travel managers say that keeping their business travelers happy will be a challenge as travel increases. Working with a GPO you can optimize your travel program and leverage group buying power for favorable pricing and relationships.  

GPO partner ALTOUR specializes in travel management and helping GPO members navigate the travel industry. With solutions in travel management, hotels, air travel and more, you can ensure your duty of care is proactive and not reactive.  

Car Rentals 

With gas prices soaring nationwide, having a car rental strategy is key to reducing your total spend. When your employees are traveling for work, you want them to be able to focus on their job and not worry about transportation. With a GPO, you can minimize total cost of rental spend by leveraging our relationships with suppliers while providing a seamless experience for your employees.  

As the largest car rental provider in the world, Enterprise Holdings offers a total transportation solution. Business travelers can find two great car rental brands to get them where they need to go with ease and efficiency. Through their global car rental network and the value of a GPO, members have access to cars, vans and trucks at competitive rates with integration to travel management tools. 

Corporate Housing 

Having cost effective temporary housing solutions for your organization is another important step to take when ensuring a stress-free trip. Making sure your employees feel at home will set them up for success as the face of your company while traveling. With the help of a GPO you can offer accommodations to your employees while staying on a budget.  

Weichert Workforce Mobility’s corporate housing solutions are helping members in the US and Canada meet the temporary housing needs of their organizations. Trusting Weichert Corporate Housing to manage the temporary housing needs of your employees, members experience major advantages such as: a dedicated team of housing professionals, customer satisfaction guarantee, and stability. 

GPO Strategic Sourcing for Your Corporate Travel Needs

Travel is back in full swing, and your GPO can provide competitive travel solutions to ensure your employees are set up for success when representing your company around the nation. From car rental spend to travel management, GPOs provide strategic sourcing by partnering with suppliers that take a consultative approach and work with members to build out a travel program to fit your specific needs.