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Achieve an A+ Clean at Your School Efficiently & Effectively

Facility teams know the stakes have never been higher to keep schools clean for students and staff. With increased cleaning and disinfection efforts, facility management teams must find ways to do more with less and make the products and tools they use work harder.

From the time the first bell rings to the time the last bus leaves, a lot goes on in the halls, classrooms and common spaces of your school. Choosing the right products to care for these spaces that save time and effort while maximizing your budget is key. By utilizing cooperative contracts through OMNIA Partners, 3M offers a wide variety of products, all while helping you save.

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Accuracy is Attainable

The first and most important step in any facility management plan is to diligently continue with your daily routine of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. It is also helpful to periodically audit your existing cleaning plan to ensure you have the right products, tools and processes in place.

Achieve an A+ Clean at Your School Efficiently & EffectivelyOne process that can’t be overlooked when looking to maximize your budget and streamline your buying process is proper chemical management. Chemical management is key to accurate and effective cleaning. By using the right chemical management system, facility managers can save money on chemicals by ensuring they are accurately diluted every time. Additionally, taking the manual guesswork out of mixing chemicals allows facility teams to focus their time and attention elsewhere. The 3M™ Flow Control System is an innovative dispensing unit that utilizes flow control technology to deliver 55% more accurate chemical dilutions, on average.1 More accurate chemical dilutions means less chemical waste which can contribute to cost savings for your facility. Additionally, through unique flow control technology, the 3M™ Flow Control Wall Mount System delivers accurate cleaning solutions directly into your containers, minimizing worker interaction with chemicals.

Facility managers know that inaccurate dilution may lead to too much of a chemical in a solution, which could damage surfaces. Conversely, using too little product may not allow for the appropriate chemical ratio needed for proper disinfection per the product label. With a chemical management system, however, you no longer need to mix chemicals yourself and risk improper dilution.

Floor Care Made Easy

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in your school and it must be taken care of with a planned maintenance program. The life of flooring will be compromised if it is not properly taken care of with products and processes specifically designed for your flooring type. However, facility management teams are busier than ever, to-do lists are long, and budgets are tight. That’s why 3M designs floor care systems to fit seamlessly into ongoing maintenance routines to help you achieve beautiful results while reducing costs over time.

For resilient floors, switching to the 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System can help facility teams reduce labor and product costs associated with routine floor maintenance. The system is made up of three Green Seal Certified products including the 3M™ Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer, Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pads, and the Scotchgard™ Protect & Shine Floor Protector, allowing users to achieve a high-gloss floor appearance with less labor and fewer chemicals over time.

3M™ Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer

This two-in-one product may help to reduce your labor and chemical usage while meeting the standards you need for daily floor cleaning — and improving your floors’ qualities over time.

Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pads

Utilizing abrasive technology, the Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pad removes black marks 3X faster than a traditional cleaning pad. It also cleans and shines in the same step and reduces or eliminates the need to burnish, saving you time and money.

Scotchgard™ Protect & Shine Floor Protector

When compared to leading acrylic floor finishes, the Scotchgard™ Protect & Shine Floor Protector reduces maintenance by requiring less chemical stripping and less frequent or no burnishing. The floor coating it creates also resists scratches and marks and can even protect against degradation caused by hand sanitizer.

When managing the cleanliness of a facility as critical as a school, sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness isn’t an option. It is, however, possible for facility management teams to do more with less by leveraging products and tools designed with their busy schedules in mind. With 3M, your school has access to solutions that can help save money, aid in productivity and help decrease product waste. See the power of 3M cleaning, maintenance and floor care solutions for yourself by requesting a demo today!



3M floor care products are available to participants of OMNIA Partners, Public Sector on competitively solicited, publicly awarded cooperative contracts through your favorite distributor. The collection of 3M offerings include janitorial & sanitation products, supplies & related services. To view the entire OMNIA Partners contract portfolio, click HERE. Not a participant? Become one today!

1The 3M™ Flow Control System is on average 55% more accurate at diluting chemical concentrates than the nearest competitive system when tested under laboratory conditions at water pressures ranging from 20 to 120 psi.