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5 Ways to Create a Workspace for Changing Business Needs

If your business is in the midst of a growth spurt, creating a flexible workspace is crucial to keeping employees happy and engaged. Here’s how Vari Sales Corporation and OMNIA Partners can help you create a flexible workspace that can adapt to changing business needs no matter how much square footage you have. Here are five tips to keep in mind for your workspace when adapting to the changing business needs.


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Encourage Autonomy

Giving employees the freedom to choose how and where they work not only increases productivity — it also increases job satisfaction and morale. Some factors to help employees feel a sense of autonomy in their workspace is to invest in movable furniture and accessories like sit-stand desks, adjustable privacy panels for quiet work, shared tables and rolling markerboards for instant collaboration, and even privacy booths for phone calls free of interruption or other sensitive work.

Incorporate Health and Wellness

In a Gensler survey of what factors make up an ideal workplace, 34 percent of respondents said they value elements that support “health and well-being.” When you cannot increase square footage, you can use workplace design to promote wellness and consequently drive productivity and performance. One element that supports health and well-being is biophilic design, which encourages companies to add nature to space through plants and natural textures and patterns. Other elements include making use of natural light, reducing noise, and investing in ergonomic furniture and spaces, which encourage movement and interaction.

Make Sure Your Tech Is Flexible

In a flexible workspace, in which employees are scattered around in different seating arrangements and free to move at will, the right tech ensures everyone remains connected. Beyond providing WiFi and network access, there are a number of gadgets built to maintain productivity and collaboration in a flexible workspace.

Facilitate Chance Interactions

When Steve Jobs designed the office space in the headquarters for Pixar, he obsessed over how to structure the atrium, and even where to locate the bathrooms, so that chance encounters were likely to occur. He believed this design would encourage creativity and unplanned collaborations through simple face-to-face interaction. An open office plan and/or unassigned desks are easy ways to facilitate chance encounters. Also integrating central mingling places like Pixar’s atrium and casual nooks for social interaction can lead to creative teamwork you wouldn’t have predicted.

Utilize a Cooperative Purchasing Organization

As a growing business, you know change is just around the corner. Using a contract from a nationally recognized cooperative such as OMNIA Partners — helps businesses streamline the buying process by meeting all state and local competitive bidding requirements on large purchases, without having to put these items out to bid for themselves. Utilizing cooperative contracts through OMNIA Partners allows public sector agencies to be more efficient, while saving time and money.


OMNIA Partners & Vari

In partnership with OMNIA Partners, Vari Sales Corporation provides Ergonomic Workplace Solutions to state and local government entities as well as K-12 educational facilities nationwide. This competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contract reduces the cost of goods and services by aggregating the collective buying power of public sector agencies and streamlines the buying process. Click the button below to learn more and start transforming your spaces today!

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