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5 Car Rental Myths Debunked

Although car rental is a mature category, industry changes affecting rates, fees and technology cause procurement and travel to review their contracts every few years. The category is ripe with opportunities for increased cost savings and employee satisfaction, but there can be resistance to change. Employees get comfortable using the same provider and travel managers fall victim to the belief that all suppliers offer the same benefits.

The problem, though, is that not all car rental partners and programs are created equal.

In this post we expose the truths behind some common car rental myths through the lens of our car rental partner, Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental brands. If you are looking for ways to change minds at your organization and bring home more savings, keep reading.

Myth 1

Due to fleet size and management, sell-out situations are inevitable.

Did you know?

A strategic fleet distribution approach and the financial strength to buy a large enough fleet to support business can prevent these situations. Enterprise Holdings is not only the largest car rental company in the world with a global fleet of nearly 2 million vehicles, but also an industry leader in mobility as well as one of the top international travel companies with a wide range of innovative solutions to meet any transportation need.

Myth 2

If you aren’t near an airport, renting a car gets a lot more complicated.

Did you know?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers the most off-airport locations – nearly 5,000 in North America – all of which are company-owned. To assist in streamlining reservations, also has a feature that helps redirect customers to other nearby options – if available – during the online reservation process to provide even greater selection and flexibility. 

Myth 3

It‘s nearly impossible to ensure a consistent and positive travel experience for all employees across the globe.

Did you know?

Global loyalty programs and providers who control their global locations help provide renters with a similar experience no matter where they rent. With brands in more than 90 countries and territories around the world, Enterprise Holdings has expanded their global network to include nearly 10,000 fully staffed neighborhood and airport rental locations all focused on providing the highest level of customer service. In fact, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental earned the top two spots in Travel + Leisure’s 2022 World Best awards, Business Travel News’ 2022 Car Rental Survey, and the most recent J.D. Power North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study.

Myth 4

Rental car companies don’t take environmental concerns seriously enough.

Did you know?

Enterprise Holdings takes an active role in sustainability to bring innovation to mobility and real change for consumers and commuters. In addition to offering a carbon offset program, its global philanthropic initiatives include the Routes & Roots: Enterprise Healthy Rivers Project, a partnership with The Nature Conservancy to address watershed conservation challenges; the 50 Million Tree Pledge, a public-private partnership between the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation and the Arbor Day Foundation to support reforestation; and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels, a research facility located at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

Myth 5

With a GPO approach to car rental, you only get access to one-size fits all program.

Did you know?

A GPO partnership is not only based on long-term cost savings, but OMNIA Partners put in place a program that considers total cost of ownership and allows for customization. Participating members reduce costs by choosing their most heavily rented locations, and determine if truck rentals are needed for their program.


About Enterprise Holdings and OMNIA Partners

Members of OMNIA Partners have access to transportations solutions through Enterprise Holdings. Through their global car rental network and the value of OMNIA Partners, members have access to cars, vans and trucks at competitive rates with integration to travel management tools. This contract includes both nationally recognized brands Enterprise and National.