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4 Ways EverDriven is Ready to Meet the Increased Demand for Alternative School Transportation

With continual influxes in demand for alternative student transportation, EverDriven, the leader in this industry for school districts nationwide, announced a series of advancements that are guaranteed to continue the heritage of innovation in student mobility that has always been at the forefront of EverDriven's support. These industry-leading initiatives that make alternative transportation safer, more effective, and more efficient to manage for districts across the U.S. plan to continue providing safety and consistency for your most vulnerable students.


"In the 17 years we have been providing mobility solutions to schools and school districts, we've never witnessed such an incredible surge in demand for our services," said Mitch Bowling, CEO of EverDriven, formerly ALC Schools. "School districts are facing a unique combination of systemic, economic, and societal changes that are driving the need for new approaches to resources, particularly in related services like student transportation."

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Ever-Growing Industry Shifts 

Every day, EverDriven coordinates trips for thousands of students, never losing sight of the importance of each student's individual and unique circumstances. With that being said, in over 600 active district contracts across the country, EverDriven has identified five systemic shifts that are impacting the student transportation industry:

   Driver Shortage: Bus drivers are in short supply across the U.S., with 87% of school transportation professionals saying driver shortages are a major problem.

   School Choice: Parents and students are increasingly choosing schools beyond their neighborhoods, increasing the need for more transportation options.

   Students Experiencing Homelessness & Those in Foster Care: The number of students supported by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act continues to rise, resulting in both a greater need for transportation options and more funding for these services.

   Special Needs Students: The number of special needs students with unique transportation needs continues to grow.

   States Codification: More states are adopting alternative-transportation requirements for schools, opening new transportation opportunities and challenges for districts.


Prioritizing Preparation to Confidently Succeed

With over 100% growth in the number of districts served and over 60% growth in students served in the past two years, EverDriven has seen unprecedented expansion in both district and student demand. There is anticipation that these trends will continue and even accelerate, therefore, EverDriven has invested heavily in hiring and in its Technology Service Enablement Suite. By utilizing these benefits and new investments through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract, EverDriven ensures that students and families get the services they need and deserve, and school districts and drivers get onboarded and, on the road, faster.

EverDriven has thoughtfully mapped out the exact preparations that will be put forth in the upcoming school year:

  Accelerated Driver Recruitment

  Streamlined District Onboarding & Management

  Enhanced Support Staffing

  Improved Parent/Guardian Communications

4 Ways EverDriven is Ready to Meet the Increased Demand for Alternative School Transportation

EverDriven's continuous commitment to enhancing its services by improving its proprietary technology solidifies its position as a leader in the alternative student transportation industry. Its record of innovation ranges from required vehicle configurations to driver vetting, to a parent/guardian VIP app that tracks students during transport. It is proven time and time again through success stories and changed lives that "they don't just drive, they are driven."



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