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How to Avoid Emergency System Downtime & Extra Cost

Are you aware of what the 3G decommission would mean for your communities? The current transition to 5G goes beyond cell phones and mobile devices. As cellular companies remove 3G networks to make room for the new 5G, your property’s fire, safety, or security systems running on 3G will become inoperable as their connected network is no longer in service. Read more about this change on the FCC website.

Property owners and managers— this is a crucial time to be proactive in aligning with your IT and facilities stakeholders to ensure your communities remain safe and secure. Once 3G is removed from your market, your systems running on this network will immediately be offline, which means fire and security alarms will not notify authorities in an emergency.

To avoid extra expenses associated with a last-minute 5G upgrade and a 24/7 fire watch in each of your buildings across your property portfolio, your group purchasing organization (GPO) can connect you to an industry-leading solution through our supplier partner Pulsar Alarm Systems, LTD.

Let's explore how the 3G network decommission can impact your properties and the steps you can take to prevent emergency equipment downtime and extra costs. 

How to Avoid Added Expenses & Maintain Property Safety

3G network decommission is underway and expected to be fully completed this year. Due to a lack of decommission dates, it can happen at any time in any market, and many have already been caught off guard. In order to maintain protection for your multifamily housing communities, all 3G equipment at your property will need to be upgraded to 4G LTE, which, as you know, will take time and planning. 

Fast Facts & Action Steps

  • Once your 3G connection is removed, any fire or security alarms working on this technology will no longer call the Fire or Police departments for response
  • 24/7 expense: Once your 3G connection is removed, properties will need to be on fire watch and hire security for coverage in each building until the systems are upgraded.
  • This will affect 2.5 million fire and/ or security accounts across the country that still have not been upgraded.
  • Supply chain issues: These add an additional layer of expense and complexity, affecting the ability to obtain last-minute security and fire equipment needed for upgrades. 
  • Higher costs: Besides fire watch and security company expenses, properties will also have much higher equipment and labor costs for the upgrades.
  • Once a 3G network is sunset in a particular market, if hundreds of companies are reacting simultaneously, labor and material shortages are inevitable.”
  • You can dramatically reduce the expense of this upgrade by being proactive – your labor will be scheduled and materials ordered well ahead of others to get the necessary products before the demand increases.

Get Immediate Access to Proactive Solution 

This is an opportunity for multifamily owners and operators to dramatically reduce the expense of this update and protect communities. To provide a proactive solution for the switch to 5G, OMNIA Partners supplier partner Pulsar Alarm Systems, LTD can assist in assessing your current fire, alarm, and safety equipment to ensure you will not be without service regardless of your current network provider. To get started, Pulsar can conduct a 5-minute virtual audit and will work to schedule the necessary labor and order materials needed for your properties before the demand increases.