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12 Steps to ROI-Driven Roof Asset Management

Rather than just running roofs to failure or looking to replace roofs – which may have years of useful life ahead of them – there’s a roof management approach that allows you to fully understand your roofs’ conditions, determine the best solutions to address any issues and develop a plan to keep your roofing assets working for decades. Thousands of building owners and facility managers have benefited from this proven process, which starts before Tremco sets foot on a roof and evolves to ensure that you are always satisfied with your roofs. Products and Services from Tremco Roofing and affiliated contruction services company WTI are available through OMNIA Partners cooperative purchasing so you can save time and money on your next roofing project. 

Tremco 12 Steps to ROI-Driven Roof Asset Management 2023 #7625 v4

1. Consultation

Listening to you always comes first. We want to understand your goals and budget considerations, your past roofing experiences, and any known problems before we set foot on a roof.

2. Roof Audit

We walk your roof to verify its general condition, looking for signs of water entry and other problem areas, including potential safety hazards. If possible, we’ll make minor repairs while we’re on the roof so that small problems don’t become large ones.

3. Diagnostics

Based on our roof audit, our field advisor may recommend further testing to evaluate roof conditions invisible to the naked eye. Tests such as infrared scanning can locate hidden moisture in your roof or insulation, while laboratory tests of roofing core samples can determine your roof’s composition and condition.

4. Recommendations & Budgeting

Based on the type and extent of problems we’ve identified, together with our knowledge of your roofing priorities, the highly trained field advisor working with you will develop a detailed “green, amber, red” assessment of the roof’s condition. This forms the basis of our recommendations and options, which we will present with thorough budgets to help your short- and long-term planning. Our field advisors, complemented by a large technical workforce, are skilled at creating customized solutions for any kind of roofing environment and financial situation.

5. Long Term Asset Management Planning

Part of our budget and recommendation process is developing a three- to five-year asset management plan for your roofs. This plan extends the life of these assets by maintaining good (“green”) roofs, restoring damaged but functional (“amber”) roofs and only replacing those that have failed, or are in the “red.” Over this time period, all your roofs will move into a good condition and can stay that way through scheduled maintenance.

6. Project Management

Our field advisor will develop a fully detailed, customized project specification to solve your roofing problems. Tremco and WTI are experienced collaborators with design professionals and architects.

7. Procurement Options

Tremco/WTI has been awarded multiple cooperative and GPO contracts serving K-12, higher education, government, and healthcare entities. Procuring products and services through a cooperative contract allows you to streamline the procurement process with assured value and transparency. Your local field advisor can tell you more.

8. Contractor Recommendations

Our field advisor will recommend contractors who are experienced in installing Tremco Roofing materials, to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Beyond their technical skills, many of the contractors we work with hold certifications that could help your organization meet its small business goals.

9. Project Management

We don’t leave you once we receive a project. Our field advisor facilitates and supports pre-construction meetings, arranges progress meetings and provides for ongoing inspections and progress reports.

10. Final Inspection & Project Closeout 

When the project is done and the final inspection satisfactorily completed, we will give you a report summarizing the job from start to finish, documented with “before and after” photographs.

11. Warranty

Our warranties will help protect your roof and your investment for years. In fact, with our Plain and Simple restoration warranty, we can restore the roof repeatedly for the life of the building, avoiding the need for replacement. It will be the only roof you’ll ever need.

12. Maintenance 

Like any complex system, roofs need to be maintained to maximize their lifespan. By performing regularly scheduled inspections, housekeeping and maintenance, we can uncover problems and take corrective action early to prevent costly emergency repairs.


About OMNIA Partners and Tremco

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Tremco's roof restoration systems enable participants of OMNIA Partners to restore many types of roofing systems versus replacing them, potentially saving millions of dollars. Tremco's unique Roof Management Programs take a holistic approach to managing roof inventory, so you can understand the condition of every roof under your care, establish priorities and spend your money wisely for the best ROI and building performance.